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All classes subject to change without advance notice. Last-minute changes will only be posted on the My Wellness App. Pre-registration for all classes is required. Reservations can be made via the My Wellness App.

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All of our classes are designed to accommodate a variety of fitness levels. Classes labeled “Active” are ideal for those looking for a gentler workout, with less time spent going back from the mat to standing.

We suggest you bring your own mat to all classes. For cycling classes, cycling shoes are strongly recommended, but not required.

Fitness 450 Classes are our specialty classes. These require an additional fee. Learn More about 450

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All members must book their reservation for all group fitness classes using the My Wellness App. Your spot is not secure in a group fitness class until you book a reservation online. See the link below.

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Choosing which classes to take can be overwhelming.
One of our Fitness Managers would be happy to assist you.

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On Demand Class Library

Your favorite JCC instructors have teamed up with master trainers from our wellness partner, Technogym, to bring you a library of 300+ On Demand classes. Now your favorite instructors are at your fingertips, 24/7. You can access the classes on any smartphone, tablet, computer, or laptop.

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Intense, easy on the joints workout designed to get results by incorporating specific training drills on a bike designed to challenge and invigorate you. All fitness levels.
This format will keep your muscles challenged, burn fat, and challenge your mind, increase flexibility, and balance. This class is for adults and young at heart.
A seated and effective workout designed to elevate your heart rate, while improving balance, strength and cardiovascular health. Everyone is welcome!
A gentle and modified form of yoga postures while seated in a chair. Create a happy mental state while improving mobility, circulation, and strength.
This is a gentle form classic Zumba, which is a fusion of Latin and international rhythms creates an intoxicating environment to dance your calories away in this highly energetic dance class. Moves are done seated or standing. Everyone is welcome!
A low-impact total body workout designed to improve strength, balance, flexibility, and gait patterns. The perfect way to get functionally fit!
A strong core is the foundation for all athletes. Challenge your deeper core muscles to improve overall posture, strength, and stability.
Stay stable and strong. A barre class designed to improve balance, define and tone your body while using small weights, and props. Not your traditional routine. All levels welcome.
A blend of cardio, strength, flexibility, balance and core conditioning that targets hips, glutes, abs, and arms. All fitness levels welcome.
A total body workout that focuses on your hips, glutes, and thighs. This class uses ballet movements, and changes in rhythm as your body gets stronger.
A total body workout designed to tone, sculpt, and improve strength and cardiovascular endurance. All levels welcome
Using a large stability ball creates endless possibilities! Challenge your balance, agility, movement reaction times, and proprioception all in one class.
Total body workout that combines strength, agility, cardio, and stability.
So much fun it’s addicting! This class is a total body workout with off-the-bike intervals designed to improve cardio, strength, and power. No cycling shoes required.
Ignite the strength and power within you! This class consists of several rounds including 2 warm-up rounds using several stations and boxing strategies that will keep you right on track. Boxing gloves and wraps are recommended.
The ultimate mash-up between bootcamp and high-intensity interval training. All fitness levels welcome.
Get fit for daily activities! This calorie-burning workout will increase cardiovascular and muscular endurance as well as balance, agility and coordination. All fitness levels welcome.
High intensity interval training that will work your full body. Class will combine cardio moves and strength training for the ultimate challenge.
An interval and intense workout that benefits heart health and is easy on the joints! This full-body-workout combines strength training, core work, stability, and heart-pumping moves so you feel energized while torching calories!
This class combines low-impact cardio with full-body mobility stretches to encourage fluid movements in a full range of motion. Class incorporates lots of core and balance work.
Think “long lean body”. This class is based on the traditional studies of Joseph Pilates. The exercises combine core activities and breathing and relaxation to increase flexibility and help with postural alignments. All fitness levels.
Therapeutic and relaxing. Learn to center your breath and body alignment by practicing stillness and gentle movement.
An intense and effective low impact, total body workout on the Concept2 Indoor Rower. Row Fit focuses on the arms, legs and core making it a compliment to your current cardiovascular and strength routine.Intermediate-advanced levels.
Total body workout designed to tone, sculpt and build muscle to increase overall strength.
Mobility is where flexibility and strength training intersect. Build strength through a full range of motion. Class incorporates lots of core and balance exercises. All levels welcome.
Taught using traditional Internal Martial Arts drills, props, forms and meditations. This Tai Chi Plus practice will enhance strength, mobility and balance while regulating the mind/body connection. Ideal for everyone!
A flowing approach to yoga techniques using flowing poses and sequences that are linked to breath.
Ever feel you need a jump start to your day? Yoga is a soothing experience designed to encourage better circulation, flexibility, reduce stress, improve balance and mental clarity.All fitness levels.
Using a stability ball with classic yoga poses can assist you in holding more challenging positions, as well as provide support where needed.
If you think you are too inflexible to begin a yoga practice, think again. This full body movement class will improve your flexibility, strength and help you to decrease stress.Beginner, intermediate levels.
A fusion of Latin and international rhythms creates an intoxicating environment to dance your calories away in this highly energetic dance class.All fitness levels.