We are thrilled to welcome back our Pickleball players and open our courts! As you return to the J to play the game you love, your safety remains our top priority. Since the J has re-opened, we have implemented new cleaning protocols throughout our Fitness and Wellness Center, which will carry over to the courts.

Pickleball Schedule

Schedule is subject to change. Special events may close the gymnasium on occasion. Open gym times are for Fitness members and their paid guests only. If you would like more information about membership, please see the reception desk. Open Gym indicates half of the gym may be used for shooting hoops, and the other half for Pickleball.

Pickleball and Pick-up Basketball require reservations on the My Wellness App. Please bring basketballs, pickleballs & pickleball paddles.

  • 6–7:15AM Open Gym
  • 7:30–9:30AM Half Gym Pickleball
  • 9:30–3:00PM Pickleball
Monday/Wednesday Evenings
  • 6:15–9:00PM Pickleball
Tuesday/Thursday Evenings
  • 6:30–9:00PM Pick-up Basketball
  • 7–10AM Pick up Basketball
  • 10–2PM Pickleball
  • 2–4PM Open Gym

Pickleball Etiquette

Download our code of etiquette here.


All players must bring their own racquet and balls. Bring a water bottle. Drinking fountains will be closed, but bottle fill stations are available. Bring your own towel.

Here are some recommendations provided by USA Pickleball you may want to consider in advance for your visit. Consult their website for more information.

  1. Consider playing with only family members or others who reside in your household.
  2. Do not share paddles or any other equipment or clothing.
  3. Consider wearing gloves during play to avoid picking up pickleballs with your hands.
  4. Coordinate with your playgroup so that each person serves with a different color ball. If multiple colors are not an option, use a sharpie and prominently mark personal pickleballs with your initials.

New Players Welcome

Our Pickleball Community is here to help. We are happy to pair you with a seasoned Pickleball buddy to teach you the fundamentals and get you started. Prior to meeting with your buddy, we strongly suggest that you acquaint yourself with the game, rules, and scoring by watching YouTube videos. Your buddy can help you to determine your level of play and will explain the open play process. Please review our JCC Pickleball Etiquette page before you meet.
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