JCC Rockland 35th Annual Founders Celebration

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Sunday, May 21, 2023

Estelle & Allan Eisenkraft Founders Award

Mark Karsch Z”L 1988–1989
Allan Eisenkraft Z”L 1989–1991, 1993–1994
Arnie Garelick 1991–1993
Steve Rosenzweig 1994–1998, 2014–2016
Paul Adler 1998–2000
Linda Russin 2000–2002
Barry Kantrowitz 2002–2004
Brenda Lender 2004–2007
Steve Gold 2007–2009
Joel Zbar 2009–2011
Pam Greenspan 2011–2013
Mitch Brill 2016–2019
Jeff Degen 2019–2022

On Sunday, May 21st, JCC Rockland will have the esteemed privilege of honoring all thirteen Past Presidents at our annual Founder's Celebration. Our theme for this momentous 35th year is “Visionaries,” inspired by our Past Presidents’ steadfast leadership, volunteerism, and generous philanthropy.

Please show your support by placing an ad in our commemorative journal, which will be distributed to all attendees at the event and proudly displayed on our website for an extended reach. Even more – please join us at The Rockleigh, for a delicious brunch and festivities. The funds raised will support JCC Rockland operations and growth initiatives for today, and will also assist in securing the future for tomorrow.