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My Chai (life)

There have been various mystical numerological speculations about the fact that, according to the system of gematria, the letters of chai add up to 18. For this reason, 18 is a spiritual number in Judaism.
So why not share 18 facts about ourselves as camp is a living and spiritual place.

Carrie Sakin

Carrie Sakin

JCC Rockland Camps Director

  1. I have two children who I adore more then anything in the world; they are my life.
  2. I can get by with just eating nothing but cookies and cake.
  3. I love using GIFs and will always add them to my text messages.
  4. I am huge football fan and love watching games on Sundays in the fall.
  5. I just discovered AMAZON and online shopping!
  6. Being a Camp Director is the best job in the world.
  7. I am a positive and optimistic person. I believe that the glass is always half full; even in the most trying times.
  8. I hate ketchup.
  9. I am afraid of heights and would never hang glide, hot air balloon or sky dive.
  10. My real hair color is dark brown. (Oh and gray lol!)
  11. I love to vacation on the Cape; especially in late August.
  12. Summer is my favorite season. I love the sunshine, flip flops and the beach.
  13. I hate reptiles and spiders and any animals that drool.
  14. My entire wardrobe consists of clothes that are either black, grey or navy. I rarely wear bright colors.
  15. I love Reggae music.
  16. I hate to be late; I’m always on time or early.
  17. I love collecting motivational quotes and use them often.
  18. I would never swim in a public pool or in the ocean. Ewww…..

Lisa Murphy

Lisa Murphy

JCC Rockland Camps Office Manager and Registrar

  1. I was born and raised in “Da Bronx”.
  2. My favorite color is blue.
  3. I have 3 children.
  4. I love the beach.
  5. I love watching my son play baseball. (he is on 3 teams).
  6. I have 2 Labrador Retrievers, Dakota (is yellow) and Sophie (is black).
  7. Sea Loins are my favorite animal.
  8. I love to go Jet Skiing.
  9. Diet Coke wakes me up in the morning.
  10. Spring is my favorite time of year.
  11. I have never gone to camp.
  12. I have one sister.
  13. My favorite show is Shark Tank.
  14. My family and I love to go on vacation.
  15. I love ice cream.
  16. My favorite restaurant is Mt. Fuji.
  17. I am very organized.
  18. My weakness is pretzels.

Jason Cannici

Camp Operations Manager

  1. My family is everything to me: My wife Suzi (is my rock, my love, my best friend in the world) my three children Noah, Ben, and Ava (my treasures in life)
  2. Put me on a fishing boat and I’m happy
  3. I hate snakes
  4. I love eating seafood
  5. I love coaching sports especially Baseball
  6. Teaching children was my call in life. I’m a high school Special Education Teacher in which I teach Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra/Trig
  7. I named my dog “Jasper” after the Manhattan College Jaspers where I attended school
  8. When I win the New York Lottery for millions of dollars, I will donate a large portion to Autism Research
  9. Long lines at stores, sitting in traffic annoys me
  10. I’m very superstitious
  11. I tore my Achilles tendon during a celebration after winning a state sectional state title in baseball #embarassing #longrecovery
  12. My mother and father are absolutely my heroes in life
  13. Midnight Run, Goodfellas, and Rounders are my top three favorite movies of all time
  14. I want to go to Oregon to hunt the mythical legendary beast by the name of Sasquatch
  15. My favorite teams are: NY Yankees, NY Rangers, NY Knicks, SF 49ers
  16. Dairy Queen blizzards are my weakness
  17. I always wanted to be John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever
  18. When I retire, I want a shore house by the water

Rachel Kurland

Rachel Kurland

JLand Program Director

  1. I have 3 boys: Alex (16) Danny (14) Cooper (9) and my husband’s name is Adam.
  2. I was going to be a pediatrician and I have a Master’s Degree in Medical Sciences and a Master’s Degree in teaching.
  3. I taught first grade for 5 years.
  4. I love to ski.
  5. I love music but have no musical ability, although I do love to sing all day long.
  6. I lived in Belgium for two years when I was 10 and was fluent in French. (I may be able to converse with you-it just would take a looooong time).
  7. I have two older brothers who tortured me.
  8. I have gone paragliding: you run off the side of a mountain with a parachute.
  9. I love rock climbing.
  10. I wish I could travel to every single country and learn every language.
  11. I love to laugh, cook, eat and garden.
  12. One of my favorite school plays I was in as a child was Free to Be You and Me.
  13. I used to go horseback riding.
  14. I have no cavities, never had stitches, or ever broken a bone.
  15. When I was little I took gymnastics and ballet but still could never do a cartwheel.
  16. I wish I could be in school forever.
  17. I ride my bike for 30 miles around NYC to raise money for MS.
  18. I think was meant to work at DKECC and JLand.

Eric Goldstein

Eric Goldstein

Summer STEM Program Director

  1. Favorite saying “it’s all about the timing”.
  2. Favorite movie quote “Aloha Mr. Hand” and “No shoes no shirt no dice!” Both from the same movie.
  3. My favorite color is blue.
  4. I love to cook …and eat…that usually works out well.
  5. The Giants are my favorite football team.
  6. I am a big fan of 90’s Seattle music.
  7. A Late 60’s convertible Mustang is my favorite car.
  8. July is the best month of the year (no school, and my birth month).
  9. I am a dog lover…I have 2 labs Emmy and Tony.
  10. I used to say gym was my favorite subject at school, but now that I am a science teacher…Its science.
  11. I would love to go on vacation anywhere in Italy (I think I was Italian in a past life).
  12. I like when it’s quiet… As a middle school teacher for 25 years, I enjoy quiet time these days.
  13. I enjoy working out (What a great gym at the JCC).
  14. My favorite TV show used to be Seinfeld, now its Big Bang Theory.
  15. I graduated from University of Maryland.
  16. I think Jimmy Fallon is the best late night TV host, but I am usually asleep before he comes on.
  17. I enjoy movies about time travel or anything Marvel.
  18. I love being home with my wife and 3 children.

Jordan Sakin

Special Events Director

  1. I graduated SUNY Oneonta with a degree in History and LIU Hudson with a Master’s degree in Elementary Special Education.
  2. I am a two time ”Wobble” champion on Norwegian Cruise Lines!
  3. I’ve been to Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift concerts.
  4. I would like to think I created the beverage Arnold Palmer.
  5. I am a HUGE New York Mets, New York Jets and Brooklyn Nets fan- although none of them have ever won championships in my lifetime.
  6. I love eating fruit, although I’m allergic to a majority of them.
  7. My favorite places in the world are Disney World and Citi Field.
  8. If I could wear basketball shorts 24/7, 365, I would.
  9. I can never say no to any form of Ice Cream.
  10. Jersey Shore and Survivor are two of my favorite reality TV shows.
  11. I had a solo in my 6th grade chorus concert- that’s the extent of my musical career!
  12. I played football my whole life, including all 4 years of High School.
  13. My favorite meal that my mom makes is her chicken cutlets that she bakes in the oven.
  14. I’m a big WWE fan and make all my friends watch with me.
  15. One day when I’m older I want to install a Soda fountain in my house.
  16. If I could drive any car in the world it would be a Jeep Wrangler.
  17. I’ve been known to be the best selfie taker in the Hudson Valley.
  18. I have been at camp for 19 summers as a camper or staff.

Kelli Kersh

Discover Program Director

  1. I’ve been married to my best friend for 20 years and we have two amazing daughters, Alexandra (18) and Amanda (15). Few things make me happier than chilling with them and my dogs.
  2. We have three dogs (2 golden retrievers and a black mix) that we are BEYOND obsessed with.
  3. My favorite color is blue.
  4. I’m not a fan of yellow, orange, or purple.
  5. I could eat sushi every day of the week.
  6. I have never seen the movie “the sound of music” which most people can’t believe.
  7. When I was younger I could recite the movie Grease, verbatim. And I was in love with Danny zuko.
  8. Winter is my favorite season. My motto is the colder the better! Oh, and I LOVE snow. I do like summer too, but towards the end, I’m always ready for the cooler weather.
  9. I love doing jigsaw puzzles, and frequently make my younger daughter do them with me. She’s reluctant at first, but then enjoys it.
  10. I’ve always wanted a big salad bar in my kitchen. One that I wouldn’t be in charge of maintaining of course.
  11. I’m a VERY fast drinker and will gladly challenge anyone to a water drinking contest. I don’t think anyone has ever been faster than me.
  12. Connect four and Tetris are two of my favorite games.
  13. Watching tv (so many shows) is my relaxation.
  14. I love being a teacher. I feel lucky that I look forward to getting to work and seeing my kids every morning on the way to work.
  15. Laughing is one of my favorite things in life. I love the kind of laugh where I can barely breathe.
  16. I took a one credit bowling class in college and was a REALIY good bowler for like five minutes. I once bowled a double turkey. Never again.
  17. I have my CDL and can drive a school bus.
  18. I feel blessed to have many wonderful people in my life, friends and family alike.