After School Program

After School Program


1. Are all the Beyond the Bell staff doing well? All of our staff members are currently healthy and safe. Once it is time to return to school and BTB, we will adhere to any guidelines issued from our state and local agencies in regard to pre-screening that will be necessary for our staff.

2. Will Beyond the Bell begin as it normally does on the first day of school? As of now, unless we are told differently by our state/local government, we are planning to start in conjunction with the school schedule.

3. What if I am not comfortable with sending my child to BTB when it opens? Will I be able to get a refund? Yes. Refunds will be offered to your account or you may apply your payments to a future program offered at the JCC.

4. Will extra measures be taken to ensure the overall cleanliness of the building? Yes. In addition to the thorough cleaning that is already done, we will use all cleaning/sanitizing protocols that the CDC will require and recommend.

5. Will social distancing be practiced should it still be deemed necessary? Yes, we will have smaller groups of children together during our various activities, and both the children and staff will maintain safe distances from one another, as recommended by the CDC. For this reason, it is important to register your child as soon as possible so that we are able to plan and staff accordingly.

6. Will my child be sharing supplies with the other children or will he/she be given his/her own set of materials? Each child will be given their own supply of materials to be used throughout the afternoon while engaged in different activities. In situations where the children may need to share supplies, they will be cleaned properly in between use. The children and staff will also be given gloves to wear in cases where materials need to be shared.

7. Will my child have to wear a mask? As of now, we are not aware that this is the recommendation from the CDC or local health departments.

8. Can I send my child with his/her own food? In order to uphold our state regulations, and because of the risk of food allergies, it is necessary that we continue our policy to not allow outside food. Our staff will continue to always wear gloves and maintain the safest procedures when serving snacks.

9. Will my child be allowed to bring hand sanitizer? As of now, we will continue to uphold the state mandate that does not allow hand sanitizer to be used in the program. However, should this change, we will make sure to notify all of our parents.

10. Will the procedure change in regard to how I pick my child up?
Yes, most likely your child will be brought out to you at the sign out sheet rather than having you go inside to pick up.

JCC Rockland’s Beyond the Bell, after school program, provides quality childcare for children in grades K-7 (5-13 years old) at several sites in Rockland County. We offer homework assistance, snacks and supervised activities geared to your child’s age group, developmental needs and personal interests.


Beyond the Bell is committed to enhancing the overall well-being of children who attend our school age care program. Our program is designed to both enrich and complement your child’s school experience. To that end, we strive to provide:

  • A safe, healthy, stable environment
  • Capable, sensitive, caring and energetic staff who understand the needs of children in an after school environment and who take part in ongoing staff development
  • Well-organized, age-appropriate activities and games

Beyond the Bell programs are currently offered at the following locations:

  • Clarkstown Central School District:
    New City Elementary &
    Link Elementary
  • Nyack School District:
    Valley Cottage Elementary
  • JCC Rockland:
    Students from other Clarkstown private schools are welcome (check with your district about transportation)

Transportation provided by school District.


Current BTB Families
  • Early Bird registration goes thru June 15, 2020. The registration fee will be waived for the early bird. After June 15, the registration fee is $95.
  • June 2020 deposit will be transferred to June, 2021. There will be no increase in the June 2021 fee for those who make that transfer.
  • Membership fee will not be charged until September, 2020. Then it will be charged at $20 per month.
  • See the registration form for the 2020-21 rates. The rate is less for those who do not use a credit card.
New BTB Families
  • Early Bird registration goes thru June 15, 2020. The registration fee is $45 until June 15. The fee goes to $95 after June 15.
  • June, 2021 tuition is paid at time of registration.
  • Membership fee will be charged starting September, 2020 at $20 per month.
  • See the registration form for the 2020-21 rates.

2020-21 BTB registration package