Why Having a Workout Buddy ROCKS!

Why Having a Workout Buddy ROCKS!

It was 5am on a Sunday morning, some time during the Spring of 2012.
My alarm blared. I shut it off. Five minutes later, it blared again, and my sleepy, heavy arm shut it off. This vicious cycle would have continued – but a stronger force woke me up.

Scott, my workout buddy, would be waiting for me. I couldn’t let him down – I had to get up, get dressed, and go!

Scott and I decided to train together for the Round Lake Valley Triathlon – our first tri. We planned most of our training sessions early so they would not interfere with our kids’ sports activities and other family responsibilities.

Having each other to count on created instant accountability and motivation. We pushed each other. Sometimes it was just to show up, other times it was to work harder to make the most of our training sessions.

But having a workout buddy isn’t just for triathlon training. It’s great for everything – whether you need motivation to stick with a routine, achieve a goal, or try something new in the Fitness Center.

Especially this time of year – with the holidays (and holiday shopping) approaching, plus shorter days and colder weather. This makes it very easy to talk yourself out of a workout.

But what if a friend was waiting for at the JCC? What about that 10am indoor cycling class you usually take – won’t the instructor and other participants miss you if you are not there?

Accountability. Maybe a little guilt too. This can make all the difference in the world, and keep you on track. It’s a great incentive.

And speaking of incentives, we have a great one: Refer a friend who joins from now until the end of the year, and you each pay $10 dues in January*. But wait there’s more….you each get a personal training or Pilates session for just $10.

Everything’s more fun with friends. Especially working out. Saving money on dues or personal training isn’t so bad either.

*Restrictions apply.