Work out like it’s your job

Work out like it's your job

I often laugh that working out is like having another job. It’s another daily commitment I’ve added to my already busy plate. Despite that I do it every day. I actually block my gym time out on my calendar.

Just like I prepare for meetings, my workouts require prep time. Getting to the gym for my 40 minute workout requires a huge effort – packing my clothes the night before, getting up early, showering at the gym and then off to work. I have forgotten my shoes on more than one occasion. On days when I can’t get my workout in in the morning I do it at night. And, on days like today, when I’m home sick, I take a sick day from my workout as well.

But, just like I approach my work, I approach the gym – I’m committed and motivated. And I’ve found a system that works for me. We all have to carve out the time in our own way and do what works best for us.