What’s Your Exercise Regime?

Fitness Regime
  • How do you spend your time in our fitness and wellness center?
  • Elliptical and treadmill?
  • Zumba, box, or cycle?
  • Pilates, free weights, or machines?

One of my favorite things about our fitness and wellness center is its variety. I can workout 7-days a week–and do something different each time. Variety is great. It can help ward off boredom and common overuse injuries–but variety can also be overwhelming.

I find that when there’s lots to choose from, I tend to stay in my comfort zone and stick to old habits. (re: See my September blog on this. For those wondering, I am still taking Tai Chi)

Yes, we have about 100 group exercise classes a week -but what should I take?
We have two floors of cardio equipment, but is the best machine? How long should I do it? What intensity level? How many times a week? What amount will make a difference?

The answers are not so clear-cut. Some involve your personal likes and dislikes, goals, overall health, and fitness level.

Also what may work for one person, may not for another- or it can be mind-blowingly awesome! Trial and error certainly plays a role. A few weeks ago, JCC Personal Trainer Steve Lynn suggested I try the lateral elliptical. In the 3+ years I have been here, I have never used it- never even occurred to me. But I tried it. I liked it, and now I use it regularly!

I thought it would be helpful to share the regimes of our fitness managers and personal trainers. You never know where motivation will strike! Over the next few months, this blog will focus on the workout routines of our personal training staff.

First up, here’s mine, along with Fitness Manager Jacob Rosenberg and Group Exercise and Pilates Manager Diva Pavan.

Lauren Saltus:

Personal Workout: I perform strength training 5 days a week, working on a different muscle group each day. This way, I do not spend more than 15-20 minutes at a time. I also do 30 minutes of cardio 5 times a week. I try to go pretty intense. If I were to have a conversation, my words would be very breathy. I try not to perform the same type of cardio two days in a row. On the weekends I do longer, slower cardio. Usually a jog on the trails near my house or a hike with my daughters.

Pro Tip: Plan ahead! If I know I am going on the elliptical (for example) I will be sure to have a good playlist or audiobook with me.

Favorite type of client to work with: I love working with newbies and helping them to learn to love exercise.

Jacob Rosenberg

During my younger years my focus was basketball, soccer, and team handball. Growing up in Israel in the 60s-70s, these sports were played on playgrounds and concrete surfaces. Injuries were part of the game and there was no complaining!

Today my exercise routine works around my past injuries and joint limitations. Most of my cardio exercises are done on non-weight bearing machines, usually a bike, elliptical, ARC trainer, or rower.

As for my core and upper body, I use 4-6 strength machines that target the main muscle groups for overall strength and to target muscle not challenged in my cardio workouts. These typically are: crunch machine, chest press, pulldown, low row, shoulder press, abductors, adductors, and calf raise.

I typically spend 45 minutes on cardio (two different cardio units, if available) and another 15-20 minutes on strength and core. My next goal is to really incorporate stretching into my routine.

Pro Tip: My main philosophy in exercise is to have no excuses! Keep going and be active.
Albert Einstein said: “Life is like riding a bicycle…to keep your balance you have to keep moving”

Favorite type of client to work with: People with physical rehabilitation needs.

Diva Pavan

Personal Workout: I love the outdoors, the challenge of the terrain and the constantly changing environment motivates me. I bike outdoors 3 days a week for 45-90 minutes. I count the 4 classes I teach at the J as part of my workout! I also perform strength training 3 times a week, for at least 30 minutes. I use free weights and bands, which you can find in our Core Stretch Studio.

Pro Tip: Rest days are very important to allow your body time to replenish. After a more rigorous workout, give yourself 1-2 days of rest, or focus on gentler activities like yoga or walking.

Favorite type of client to work with: Anyone looking to change-up there workout routine, whether it be train for their first 5K, try Zumba for the first time, or just get more active.