Our blog series, “What’s your Regime,” continues this month with the hopes of helping you to continue to find new sources of motivation to make sure your workout is working for you.
Next up, Personal Trainer Jeff Warley shares the details of his exercise philosophy gives insights into his training methods.

The details of my workout:

I try to put in 90 minutes whenever possible, and my workout usually consists of the following:

  1. 10 MinutesDynamic stretching (i.e. Windmills/Toe Touches, Air Squats, etc.)
  2. 15-20 MinutesCardio (Treadmill Intervals of Running, Jogging and Power Skipping)
  3. 10 MinutesBalance/Stabilization (Single Leg Balance Reaches, Lunge-to-Balance , or Step up to Balance)
  4. 40 MinutesStrength/Resistance Training (Abs every workout! THEN a Split of either Legs, Back and Shoulders OR Chest, Biceps and Triceps)
  5. 10 minutesCool Down or Static Stretching
My Pro Tip

Don’t do the same workout every time you exercise. Shake things up where your workout is concerned to make it more exciting and get better results. And if you’re just starting out, start with the basics: Body Weight Exercises. Learning to effectively move and control your own body weight should be the first step, before you even touch a dumbbell or barbell, etc.

The Type of Client I Most Enjoy Working with

I enjoy working with all types of clients regardless of age, gender, etc, but I most enjoy working with those who are determined to reach their fitness goals, and enjoy a challenge. I find it rewarding when I first begin working with someone who is a little nervous about the process, because the first thing that I strengthen is their confidence. I do this by giving them challenges that I know they can meet even if they may not know they can. No matter how difficult a person may be, as long as they are the type who doesn’t mind a challenge I know we can achieve success.