What’s Your Exercise Regime, Debbi Paige?

Our blog series, “What’s your Regime,” continues this month with the hopes of helping you to continue to find new sources of motivation to make sure your workout is working for you.

Next up, Personal trainer Debbi Paige shares the details of her exercise philosophy gives insights into her training methods.

Personal Workout: I usually workout 5 days a week with 3 days consisting of circuit training. These workouts include both cardio/plyometric movement coupled with resistance training. To keep things consistent and fun I usually have one full body day, one upper body day and one lower body day. The other two workouts involve various cardio workouts and Pilates or yoga depending on my schedule. I will usually walk, hike, or run at least one day over the weekend.

Pro Tip: If you want to be consistent with your workouts always find something you enjoy. This may mean that you change things up periodically. I always find ways to look forward to my workouts which are constantly changing depending on how I’m feeling and what training modality is most appealing and appropriate at the time. I’ve recently added Pilates to my schedule which I’m enjoying and it works well with my current fitness needs.

Favorite type of client to work with: Clients I enjoy most are people who need motivation and guidance to make changes. This can be people who are just starting out trying to find a healthy lifestyle they can stick with, or people having a hard time making progress with their current routine.