What’s the Best Time to Workout: AM or PM?

Are you a morning person or a night owl? Your answer will likely reflect your workout preference, AM or PM. But when is the best time to exercise? There is no right answer. The most important thing is to plan your workout when you are most likely to stick to your routine consistently. There are some points to consider:

Benefits of AM Workouts:
  • The morning exercise routine is easier to commit to and stick with. Mornings provide less excuses. Plan your workout before daily obligations begin.
  • You will kickstart your metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day when you exercise in the morning.
  • Because your day is just getting started, be sure to warm-up to help avoid injuries.
  • Morning workouts help you to get a good night sleep.
Benefits of PM Workouts:
  • Your body is more prepared to exercise later in the day. In the afternoon/evening your body temperature is lower which results in improved performance and power.
  • Intense strength & cardio workouts are best in the afternoon & evening, drawing on the correct food/energy supply you have ingested throughout the day.
  • Evening workouts provide a better outlet from the frustrations of your day. You can de-stress, clear your mind and transition from work to home life.

Bottom line, what works for you WORKS! You may need to adjust at times or change on a seasonal basis but as long as you stick with a program, you will reap the health & wellness rewards.*

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