What day is today? A COVID-19 Conundrum.

I was out on my daily walk/run today when I suddenly said to myself: “What day is today?”

With each day being basically the same as the last, I often don’t know the day and definitely don’t know the date. This is when I decided that everyday I will begin the day looking at the calendar, just to make sure I have this simple knowledge.

Like many, I am accustomed to having my weekdays clearly defined and differentiated from my weekends, no more. I’m trying to define my week by the days I wash my hair, the days I skype with my grandchildren, and the weekly virtual family meetings that we have scheduled. Also the day I watch Homeland, but the last one was this week – so forget that!

What I have been able to structure are my days. As I wrote a few weeks ago, I stick to a strict daily schedule of working out, working from home, mealtimes, etc. This helps me.

As we all shelter-in-place, I think it is important to keep our finger on the pulse of life. Stay connected to the calendar to stay on top of things. I’m a person that hates to miss the birthdays of family and friends.

As I found myself unaware of the day and date I felt like I was floating, when I needed to be anchored.

So my simple tip is this: If you are like me, check your calendar daily. It will help you stay grounded.