Weightloss Journey: Steve Stone

Steve Stone, a JCC Fitness and Wellness member since 2000, lost 103 pounds over the last year all through diet and exercise. He sat down with Lauren Saltus to share his story, and inspire others.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am the former President of the Rockland Basketball Association (15 years), and the current President of Stars Travel Baseball (5 years). As you can see, I love to be involved in youth sports. I have been coaching for 45 years!

When did you start on your weightloss journey?
In January of 2019, I was working with my basketball team. I could not last more than 5 minutes on the court without having to take a break. That same afternoon I had baseball practice. After hitting ground balls for 10 minutes, I had to stop. I got in my car and said “Enough is Enough!” Mind you, I have said that for 20 years.

I immediately went to Dicks Sporting Goods and bought a treadmill. My beautiful wife, Ellen, said, “Great, another place to hang your clothes.” My kids said, “When will you be giving that to one of us?

I went for a walk on the treadmill. I lasted 3 minutes.

When did things fall into place?
I have been going to the JCC since it was built. I was working out on and off (like lots of others) for years.

After a few days of using the treadmill and realizing that I can do this, I went to see Marjorie at the J. I told her that I need a trainer who will get me into shape.

I found the guy that in my opinion was extremely instrumental in turning my life around, Steve Lynn. Steve is 74, and he has been training for a million years. I thought, Holy s..t, if this “old” man is in great shape, why not me?

We started to workout every other day. Weights, cardio, stretching. You name it, Steve made me do it. When I would call or text Steve and say “I am too busy today to workout,” his response was “Get your a$$ over here. Now!”

I needed that.

My wife is a health nut. Ellen works out constantly and eats extremely healthy. I decided to follow what she does.

What tools do you use to stay on track?
I go on my scale 3 times a day. I Never want to see the weight go up more than a pound. I love it when it goes down.

Did you change your diet?
Basically, I started to eat healthy. I went light on the alcohol, cut out junk foods, and kept working out.

How else has your weightloss impacted your health?
In June of 2019, I went for my annual checkup. Thank God I started losing weight. My doctor told me I have Type 2 Diabetes. Of course I was petrified at first, but after listening to the doctor and reading about Type 2 Diabetes, I approached this condition in the same manner I approached losing weight: Head ON! My next goal is to get my A1C down to a manageable number. With God’s help and me staying focused, I am sure good things will happen. I did this interview with Lauren at the JCC so hopefully I can help ONE person get his or her goals started in the right direction. It is amazing when you can set your mind to accomplish a goal. Sky’s the limit!

What’s next?
Before I started this journey, my weight was 320 pounds. Today, I am proud to say I lost 103 pounds over the last year. My current weight is 217–achieved without any operations. I can walk a few miles or coach back-to-back practices with my teams with ease. My next goal is to get down to 200 pounds and tone-up my body.