Lose five pounds and your clothes fit better. Lose forty pounds and even a belt is no help.

Wardrobe Malfunction

Wardrobe Malfunction

I reached a point where none of my clothes fit.

My pants were falling off. My shirts were way too baggy. Even my unmentionables were uncomfortably big. I know what you’re thinking – “Poor you, I’d love to have that problem.” I’m not complaining to brag – Lose five pounds and your clothes will fit better. Lose forty pounds and even a belt is no help. There’s no easy fix. Add an emotional attachment and forget about it…

For months I wore my ‘big’ clothes – I folded over waistbands, I belted my shirts and I made due with what was in my closet. I just wasn’t ready to get rid of my favorite jeans, even though they no longer looked or felt the way that made them my favorite. I couldn’t let go.

Part of what was holding me back was fear. What if I stopped working out? What if I gained it all back? My husband tried to encourage me, even telling me that my rationale made no sense; I was setting myself up for failure. I just kept thinking that it’s easier to fit into clothes that are too big than clothes that are too small.

But, I woke up one Sunday morning and decided it was time to purge. One by one, I tried on every pair of pants in my closet. I loaded up countless bags to donate. The same day, I bought myself 4 new pairs jeans, new shirts and new unmentionables.

Even though it took me a while to purge, it was therapeutic. It helped me to focus on my path ahead and not worry about the what-ifs. Truth be told, I did keep one pair of pants – as a reminder – and as a way to see how far I’ve come.