Update on Fitness and Wellness Center Renovations

I am happy to report that the first phase of our renovations is well under way: The creation of our the new Core/Stretch Studio and Advance Training Center.

The Core/Stretch Studio (formerly the Performance Studio) is a dedicated space for for stretching, foam rolling, core exercises, and mat work. Personal trainers will be conducting scheduled, group complimentary demos in this studio. I encourage all of you to take advantage of this. Our personal trainers can show you how foam rollers (for example) can work wonders for tight hamstrings, an achy back, etc. This also will be a great space for dynamic core work. (Yes, there’s more to it than crunches….)

You may be wondering….”But Lauren, where did you put the weights that were in there?”

Well, I have good news: The free weights, bars, and other strength training equipment will be consolidated into the Main Fitness Center and new Advanced Training Center (formerly the Cross Fitness Studio). Our personal trainers will be available to help you navigate the Main Fitness Center and Advanced Training Center to help you continue to do the exercises you love for the specific muscles you want to target.

Speaking of the Advanced Training Center, this will be a dedicated space for Olympic lifts, boxing, plate-loaded squats, and power work. As with the Core/Stretch Studio, our personal trainers will be conducting scheduled, group complimentary demonstrations in this room. The schedule will be posted on the windows outside the room.
Some of the units from the Performance and Cross Fitness studios will be consolidated into the Main Fitness Center to make more room that will allow you to enhance your performance during workouts.

As I mentioned, our personal trainers are excited to work with you, and help you navigate our new, renovated spaces.

Next up: New floors, fresh paint, a new fitness tracking system, and a new line of strength training equipment. Click here for a sneak peek of what’s coming up toward the end of the month.

I invite each of you to reach out to me or Jacob if you have any questions.