Jonathan Urla

Dynamic Pilates Flow
Saturdays: 9-9:50AM
Aerobics Studio Studio
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Yogilates Jonathan UrlaJonathan Urla, MFA, has been a leader in the Pilates, yoga, and fitness community for over 25 years. A former professional dancer and competitive Tri-athlete, he understands the commitment and discipline one needs to attain peak performance and optimal well-being. Creator of the mind-body system Yogilates®, his book on the subject was published by HarperCollins in 2002, and he has starred in ten Pilates and Yogilates workout videos. A certified Medical Exercise Specialist and functional movement expert, Jonathan’s background and experience make him well-suited to work with people of varied levels, ages, and interests. In addition to teaching and writing, Jonathan loves to run and bike around Rockland Lake and hike along the Hudson.

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