The Rabbi Goes West

MONDAY, JULY 20 7:30

The Rabbi Goes West

Directors: Amy Geller, Gerald Peary
USA, 2019 • Documentary • English • 78 minutes

When Rabbi Chaim Bruk moved from Brooklyn to Bozeman, Montana, he left a large Chabad Hasidic community. In all of Montana there are just 2,000 Jewish families—and Rabbi Chaim is determined to put a mezuzah on each of their doorposts. While Rabbi Chaim builds his community, becoming beloved by his congregants, some of the state’s Jews believe he is a threat to the other denominations of Judaism. At the same time, threats of anti-Semitism, including from neo-Nazis, loom.
Speaker: Rabbi Chaim Bruk

Sponsor: Birbrower & Beldock, P.C

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