The January HYPE: Resolution Soul-ution. Find what works for YOU!

High Intensity Interval Training. Weight Training. Intermittent-fasting. Indoor cycling. Keto. Vegan. Whole 30.

Whole what?

It doesn’t matter. (Really.) I am sure you have seen the commercials, heard the hype about each of these lifestyle plans and workouts “guaranteed” to make 2020 your best year yet!

Maybe your cousin swears by indoor cycling. Or your neighbor says she’s melted the pounds away by strength training.

In January, the world seems to be focused on two things: Diet and Exercise.

I have good news for you….YOU, JCC members. YOU are already ahead of the game. YOU have access to our fitness and wellness center and all of our resources. This is a great time to explore new fitness classes (new schedule come out on the 12th) focus on strength training, balance, Expresso bike rides, pickleball, or yoga–whatever you find that speaks to you and keeps you going.

Below are three testimonials from people (just like YOU) who found success and motivation that will carry them through the January hype and beyond.

I believe everyBODY is different, and different workouts and plans will work for different people. This month (and always) feel free to reach out to me for guidance, advice, or just to talk about the different paths you can take at the JCC to make all of your dreams come true. (Well, maybe not all…..but you know what I mean.)

I want to reiterate how great Sarah Volkomer has been working with me and motivating me to keep it up. Each session is different, challenging, and never boring. I am really enjoying it and especially enjoying the results (down almost 10 pounds and down inches)! She is doing an awesome job with a rookie like me. I highly recommend her!

- Suzanne Winchester

I am a herd animal, i.e., I am doing better in a group. For example, I hardly use the machines in the gym but participate in classes. As a consequence, the WW group setting was ideal for me. It spurred my competitiveness, both in the gym and at the meetings. The exchange of ideas and recipes, the sharing of successes but also failures were all very helpful and motivating. I have totally changed my eating habits away from bread, potatoes, pasta and cheese to a more healthy diet, and strangely enough, I hardly miss those foods, though it was painful in the beginning. A great help is of course the WW app, which is also a nice toy. I already keep track of my workouts on the JCC app and the WW app complements that accountability.

The biggest reward of all the above was my speedy recovery from back surgery. Without being physically fit and having a healthy weight, I don’t think I would be where I am today. Think skiing in a month!

- Renate Kulnik

Taking the LivWell program with Lisa Goldstein was one of the best decisions. The program provides delicious meals that are easy to prepare. Fitness 450 is such a wonderful class. Having Lisa as an instructor makes the class enjoyable and easy and gives you so much motivation, even when you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom. With someone who had a lot of physical issues, she also shows a lot of modifications if necessary. Once the program ended, my communication with Lisa continued, whether it was at the gym or via email. Lisa cares so much about your well-being (before, during and after the program) that she is always checking in with you (about health and general health). Lisa + LivWell450 = success.

- Sarah B. Strauss, LivWell 450 Testimonial

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