The Core of Change is Inevitable

What’s the first word to pop into your head when you hear the word “Change?”

  • Yuck.
  • No.
  • Why?

Am I close? Is this what you just thought? I wonder why you didn’t jump to:

  • Great!
  • Yes!
  • Opportunity!

Friends, I don’t have the answer to this question. (Wish I did.)

In my experience, change in routine can be complicated, challenging, and uncomfortable — at first. Then magically it somehow becomes the new normal and you go about your life, without skipping a beat.

Speaking of change, the seasons are about to change–summer is almost here.

On a personal note, I try to change my workout regimen with each new season. Mainly to prevent boredom and keep me motivated. Normally, I focus on running in the summer and do as many 5k races as I can.

But the unthinkable happened: Injuries side-lined my running for the next 6 months. I have two hamstring tears, and a labral hip tear. No running, power-walking, or anything high-impact for me.

Not running was not a change I wanted to make. Not. Happy.

After letting this sink in, I decided to change my outlook. Really, I had no choice because I want to maintain my fitness level and stay active.

I needed to do something totally different: I tried Pilates. Trust me, this is well outside of my comfort-zone. I know we offer Pilates classes, private training, etc. I just never imagined myself taking Pilates.

I like to move fast, and wear my sweat like a badge of honor.

Move slow? Move small? Knit my ribs? Struggle to lift a ring? ! Oy, this is not me. Going the first time felt very strange–but I liked it. I was curious. I went back the following week to dip my toes in again. It started making sense. I will go back, and continue this journey.

I encourage each of you to take a close look at your workout routine: Is it working for you? Are you getting the results you want? Are your workouts enjoyable?

Have you been doing the same routine since you joined? If the answer is “yes,” I strongly suggest you consider change. Meet with one of our trainers, have an assessment, and decide your path from there. Kat Colucci, our new Fitness Program Director, is a great resource for you.

Our new fitness tracking system (with companion app) is the most comprehensive tool for you to initiate a new program, and try new equipment and/or classes. In the fitness center, you can use a smart phone or a band or key (inquire at the fitness reception desk to receive one, complimentary). You can also log workouts from your home computer, kiosk in the fitness center, or ipad at the fitness reception desk. Our personal trainers can design a program for YOU, and upload it to your account on the new system. This way, you always have access–and your trainer can provide easy-guidance and tips.

Please don’t follow my lead: Initiate change, take charge of your workout, and find new ways to accomplish your goals. Your improved results will be your reward.