Summer’s Not Over

Who says summer is over? Do we buy into summer being over because we are post-Labor day, because the kids are back at school, because the nights are a little cooler and because every store is selling pumpkin spice flavored everything? According to my calendar, summer is not officially over until September 22nd.

I like to think that summer never ends at JCC Rockland.

The best of what JCC Rockland is about is on display during the summer. Summer showcases our values in the most demonstrative way…cooperation, community, teamwork, togetherness. Values that don’t disappear once pumpkin spice appears.

Everyone has a summer assignment at the JCC. Whether it’s official or not, when the building is filled with 300 children every week, our entire community plays a part. Whether it’s serving lunch, directing traffic or escorting our members to their summer rooms, we all pitch in during the summer months. Our summer roles showcase the best of who we are as a community. You never hear – “that’s not my job,” or “I can’t do that.” Why? Because as a community that’s who we are.

And, we are glad YOU are a part of it all year long.

Fall Highlights

Here’s a taste of what’s coming up.

Monday, Sep 12 | Fall Fitness Master Class series begins

Wednesday, Sep 14 | Mindful Movement and Parkinson’s Disease | 1:30pm

Sunday, Sep 18 | Touch a Truck | 10am-1pm

Saturday, Oct 8 | Weisenthal Trip | 8pm

Saturday, Oct 22 | Chazen Jazz Concert | 8pm

Tuesday, Nov 1 | Festival of Arts, Books and Culture Opening Night | 7pm

Saturday, Nov 5 | Comedy Night | 7:30pm

Saturday, Nov 16 | Sports Dinner featuring Bernie Williams | 6:30pm

Saturday, Nov 17 | Mom’s Night Out | 7pm