Start clean in 2019


Be inspired to be your best self!

12-week program Begins January 17, 2019 for $499*
(Retail value $1,200!)

Already a JCC Member?
Great! You can have special access to WW’s 12 week program for only $160.

Start Clean for JCC Rockland members

JCC Rockland and WW (formerly Weight Watchers) are combining forces to bring you a comprehensive fitness and nutrition program.

Lose weight, shift your mindset, move more.

WEEKLY MEETINGS and weigh-ins will take place Thursdays, 9:15 am at JCC Rockland. Can’t make this time? You are welcome to attend WW meetings at other locations.

Start Clean is a very personal approach to your health.

You will have:

  •   A Fitness Coach     to navigate your wellness journey.
  • WW membership and access to their proven results-based, weight-loss and nutrition program

Start Clean Includes

  • Membership to JCC Rockland’s Fitness and Wellness Center, offering   90+ group exercise classes   , tons of equipment, pickleball, racquetball, babysitting, and more
  • Weekly personal training sessions with your Fitness Coach
  • WW’s resources including workshops, weekly weigh-ins, and online tools at no extra cost
  • Endless support system to keep you motivated, inspired, and smiling

This is a real-life program, to get real-lifelong results.
*Flexible post-holiday, monthly payment plan.
Prioritize your health by signing-up TODAY.

Secure this deal with a $50 deposit and no enrollment fee.

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Saturday 7am – 7pm
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