Small changes will yield big results

Small changes will yield big results

How many Mondays have you gone on a diet only to be frustrated by Monday afternoon? How many times have you said that you really need to exercise but never made it to the gym? Well now is the best time to change this.

Diet and exercise are lifestyle choices, not flash in the pan resolutions. It’s daunting to say ‘I’m never going to eat cookies or chocolate again.’ Trust me you will. Making small changes can yield big results.

I too have gone on more diets than I care to remember. What has worked, and worked for many, many years, is committing to a healthy lifestyle. I’m very healthy about 80% of the time, and 20% “cheat.” My cheat isn’t a gorge-fest, it’s just a few indulgences, knowing I will get right back on track.

Try the 80/20 formula as your first step toward a better you. Here are some quick tips:

  • For me, it is easiest to be healthy Monday – Friday, weekends are reserved for my few indulgences.
  • Go food shopping. Make a list. Think about what you want to eat for each meal and maintain stock at home. Preparing your own food is healthy and very easy these days with so much pre-cut, pre-packed and ready for use.
  • Pack your lunch, you will save money and eat more healthily.
  • Choose satisfying snacks, measure or count out what you are snacking. Nuts, veggies, yogurt, and hummus are all great and satisfying snack foods.
  • Schedule your workout just like you would a haircut or doctor appointment. Actually write it on your calendar. Once it is scheduled, stick to it! If you begin to talk to yourself about what else you could be doing it’s more difficult to stick to your guns.
  • Hydrate! Ditch the sugary drinks in favor of water or a healthy, low-calorie alternative.
  • Working out with a friend works, get a fitness buddy. Together you can go to the gym, plan your meals and discuss healthy options.
  • Take the extra step and park in a distant parking spot. When possible walk or bike, and leave the car at home. These little extras add up to a lot!

Now is the time to get started. Trust me, small changes will yield big results. You will be on your way to feeling better, having more energy, and enjoying life more.
Get sidetracked?

Don’t berate yourself, just get back on track and chalk it up to part of your 20%!