Slow Down the Aging Process with Your Workouts

When it comes to exercise, we tend to be creatures of habit. We run to the same class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We’ll the same bike in the fitness center, and if walking outside, we’ll tend to take the same path!

While exercise is the key to good health, switching it up is just as important so that the body and the brain can reap the benefits.

The latest research shows that variety in your exercise routine slows down the aging process. Having a mix of functional training (exercise that mimics movements of everyday activities), high intensity interval training (alternating bouts of high energy movements with active rest), and flexibility training are the best ways to accomplish this.

A well-rounded fitness regime can impact our health and well-being, and even play a greater role than medication.

I would love to say there is one specific type of workout that would do it all for you. But, variety is really the key.

So if you’re trying to jump-start your fitness and delay the aging process, choose a well-designed exercise program that fits your goals, such as our ACTIVE classes listed on our Group Exercise Schedule.

ACTIVE Interval

Mondays, 11am
Stay sharp as a tack! Intermittent periods of cardio, strength, and balance followed by rest. Throughout the cardio phase you are working on memory recall skills, followed by exercise drills to increase muscle mass, balance, and agility.

ACTIVE Functional

Wednesdays, 9am
This class strives to keep you independent and help ease daily activity by performing exercises that would improve muscle memory, flexibility and coordination to reduce the risk of injury.


Wednesdays, 11am and Fridays, 10:30am
This class highlights the importance of variety in your exercise routine, as it is a combination of functional training, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. Everything you need to improve your overall health and help slow-down the aging process.

group exercise schedule

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