Sheryl Santi Luks

…a feeling of belonging

Sheryl Santi Luks I’ve been overweight my whole life. I try to stay as fit as possible and JCC Rockland is the place that helps me the most. As I get older I work more on balance. The past year I’ve been attending yoga classes to help me maintain balance and stay fit.

I love the classes and the instructors at the J. It’s great that the fitness center is open 7 days a week. It’s welcoming. It’s accessible. It’s clean. When I’m at the J it’s because I want to be there and I’m glad it is there for me. I get a good feeling when I’m there.

I came to the J, probably for a different reason than most people – my business helped to move the J from their former location on Route 45 to the current location on West Nyack Road. However, as I assisted the J with opening the building, I joined – I think I may have been the first new member!

I took one look and knew it was where I wanted to belong. My husband and I have been members for 7 years. I can’t image belonging anywhere else. Really and truly – I would never give up my membership. Because I really do feel that I belong here.

The Facts

Tara (Vinyasa, Hatha)

fun fact

I was an emergency room nurse/administrator in Puerto Rico and Mexico in my early 20’s. I traveled all over the Caribbean treating patients.