Seeking Results

Master Class Series

When I first came to JCC Rockland, I encountered the term Master Class. I hadn’t heard it at other JCCs. I had no idea what a Master Class was, but I was told that everyone knew what it meant.

Truth be told, 2 years later I was still unsure what it meant. So I asked. A Master Class is a class taught by an instructor who has expertise in a particular fitness modality. Simply put – It’s a demonstration by an expert.

Lucky for us at JCC Rockland, we have lots of seasoned fitness instructors with varying expertise. They are constantly seeking out ways to evolve and grow. Our group exercise instructors have enough knowledge that none of us should ever be bored. And, they are eager to share their knowledge with our membership. They understand that exercise routines need to evolve to continue to foster positive results. And, I’m seeking results.

For the next 2 week, we gym-goers benefit from this expertise in the form of new Master Classes.
I’m looking forward to trying something new – how about you?

Master Class Series