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Thu 03

Women’s Views on the News

December 3 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am EST
Mon 07

Eight Crazy Nights of Health & Wellness

December 7 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am EST
Mon 07

Schmooze on the News

December 7 @ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm EST
Tue 08

Knitting, Needlepoint and More

December 8 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am EST
Tue 08

Men’s Discussion Group

December 8 @ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm EST
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Fitness classes

JCC Rockland At Home Workouts

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Armchair Aerobics

with Rafael 06.24.20

Armchair Aerobics

with Gailord 06.24.20


ArmChair Aerobics

with Rafael 05.06.27

Armchair Aerobics

with Rafael 06.10.20

Armchair Aerobics

with Rafael 06.17.20

ArmChair Aerobics: IV

with Rafael 05.27.20

Armchair aerobics

with Rafael 05.13.20

Armchair Aerobics

with Rafael 05.21.20

Armchair Aerobics

with Rafael 4.22.20

Armchair Aerobics

with Rafael 4.29.20

ArmChair Aerobics: III

with Rafael 05.06.20

New York Strong

a poem by Phyllis Greenblatt

Listen New Yorkers and we will all hear
Warnings of cases that grip us with fear.
Pie charts and graph bars of various kind,
And colors and curves that boggle the mind.

TV is filled with Corona-19
A pandemic much worse than the other 18.
Shelter within if you’re older than dust.
Wearing a mask is an absolute must.

Six feet, the benchmark, unless it is under,
And kisses and handshakes, a medical blunder.
Business conducted in basement and bedroom.
For meetings and birthdays, we learned to use Zoom.

Follow the guidelines and soon we’ll discover,
A Bull in the Market, our stocks will recover,
And stores will re-open and life will rebound,
And new ways to progress, will need to be found.

From Upstate to Downstate, we’ve all had it rough,
United in purpose, because we are tough.
We shine in the sunlight, we laugh in the rain,
And the Mets and the Yankees: PLAYING AGAIN.



Phyllis Greenblatt

Interview with JCC Member, Phyllis Greenblatt

How do you spend your days during the quarantine? ch
Even though I am alone in my home, I try to maintain a normal routine. I awake at 6:30, shower, dress for work and put on makeup. My appearance soothes my psyche and coffee fuels my brain. Some early mornings, I do a supermarket run and some, I have a conference call. Normally, I would be out on “The Road”, (a euphemism for a sales call) by 9AM. Since I am a sales representative in a non- essential industry, working from home and, trying to sell my wares (wholesale gifts, accessories and jewelry) to shuttered stores, presents a formidable challenge. Yet, I go about my day spreading out good will by text and by email, as phoning is futile. Once in a while, I get an order and rush to electronically process it. And, ZOOM… What can I say? I’m addicted! Between work, talking with family or going on a JCC Zoom call, I stay busy. My daily trot to the mailbox is my exercise. When the stress level reaches a crescendo, the munchies invade, but I’m so disciplined that my refrigerator is a glut of healthy snacks. At night, NETFLIX is calling. And that is the end of my day.

Before quarantine, what did you do at the JCC?
I knit on Tuesday mornings with a lively group of smart, creative women. I enjoy special programs like Film Festival and speakers. I also recently took a beading class with Art for Life. Since the social distance rules, I have participated in many Zoom programs with Barbara. I love discussing the news and have really liked the concerts. These have been beautiful ways to connect everyone.

Tell us about your poem NEW YORK STRONG.
My emotions as a lifelong New York resident sparked a creative nerve and transitioned into this poem while drafting an email to my clients. In these times of extreme stress, I am proud to be a New Yorker. I love New York!

Tell us about being a cancer survivor.
I did have breast cancer and had to undergo surgery and chemotherapy. But my bout with Lyme disease was actually much worse. I have some lasting effects in my hips.

What is your secret to being so optimistic?
From the time I was six years old, I have faced a multitude of challenges throughout my life. I could have succumbed to wherever the winds would take me. Yet, those genes of optimism from my father and grandfather have given me the strength to take a positive approach. Every day I wear the bracelet, inscribed with the words that inspire me: NEVER GIVE UP.

Born and bred in Brooklyn, the boardwalk of Brighton Beach was my playground. School created a social life, and girlfriends became the sisters I craved. James Madison High School provided me with a strong foundation for continuation on to Brooklyn College. I married in Brooklyn and, with husband and three daughters, emigrated to Rockland County in 1962. Born subsequently, daughter number four became a true Rocklander. I also have 2 grandchildren.

My interest in poetry was sparked by a creative third grade teacher. In fifth grade, I and two of my cohorts were writing chapter novels in black marbled notebooks. I have been writing ever since. Much of my poetry and prose has been a form of self-therapy to help me negotiate the challenges that I faced. I hope that thread of humor in my writing reveals my positive attitude. Over the many years, I would write birthday poems for each of my children. They are my OPTIMISM!

Resources to the senior community and their families

Intergenerational Shabbat Candle Lighting

Fridays 3pm
We’re taking Shabbat LIVE this Friday! Join JCC Rockland for a special candlelighting led by the Deborah Koenig ECC’s Director, Miriam Pedler. Invite your grandparents, family and friends to virtually light candles and welcome the Shabbat together. We can’t wait to see you there!
Join Families Rock at JCC Rockland on FACEBOOK

Jigsaw Puzzles Collection HD

A free app.

Download it and have fun! Put jigsaw puzzles together using your phone or tablet.

Share Your Talents, Share Your Love

Looking to make a difference in the life of somebody else during this tough time? Contact Barbara Lerche, Director of Adult Life at to discuss how you can help.

Shopping for Seniors

The Office for the Aging is offering Shopping for Seniors. This program is for seniors who are unable to get to a grocery store.
Call The Office for the Aging at 845 364-2110 for this free delivery service.

Meals on Wheels

While you are home, if you find you do not have access to food, Meals on Wheels can assist you in delivering meals to your home. They prepare Kosher meals, low salt and many other dietary requirements you may have. Please call 845 624-6325 and speak with Olivia or Donna. They will have you answer some questions over the phone and help get you set up for meals.

Rockland Jewish Family Service

If you find yourself isolated and in more need of assistance, whatever that may be,Jewish Family Service is available to you. Please call Doris Zuckerberg at 845 354-2121 x198, M-F.

Video Chat or FaceTime

It’s important to stay connected with friends and family while staying at home. Make sure you call people on the phone. If you have a cell phone or computer, you can also speak with people face-to-face using Video Chat or FaceTime. Alan Pierce, a member of the JCC and technology expert, kindly created a guide entitled “Staying in Touch” using these tools. Give them a try. It’ll be a fun way to spend time communicating with those you love.
Guide to Video Chat

How to Use Zoom – Free Video Conferencing & Virtual Meetings