Recharge to Fight Quarantine Fatigue

A few weeks ago was my dad’s 75th birthday. Our immediate family planned a surprise birthday driveby in his honor. 

This was my girls’ first time leaving the house (aside from walks outside) in two months. They were both nervous, questioning whether it was a good idea. 

I am not sure how my parents resisted hugging my girls or my nephew, but they did. They respected the rules and had a subdued vibe to match the current climate.

We all wore masks. This was a harsh dose of reality for my kids, especially seeing their 4-year-old cousin in a face mask. 

We stayed for some photos, wished my dad well, and drove home. 

It was good to see my parents–we haven’t seen them since quarantine. It  gave us a sense of hope, and that better times are coming.

A couple of weeks later was Memorial Day, and Gov. Murphy (we live in NJ) OK’d outdoor gatherings of up to 25 people with social distancing. A neighbor invited us over. This time,  the girls were excited–they picked out outfits and did test-runs of hair do’s. I was so happy to see this–a change from their ho-hum attitudes. 

We ended up spending the afternoon talking, laughing, and finally feeling like ourselves. We social distanced, and almost forgot that we haven’t gotten together in 10 weeks. It felt good. 

“Memorial Day was the best day of 2020,” Adena (age 12) said when we got home. 

That night, the girls did not “Netflix” themselves to sleep. In the morning, they had new energy. We all did.

I called my neighbor to thank her, and told her we all woke up feeling like a million bucks. 

“It’s because have quarantine fatigue–we needed it!”

She was totally right. It was the ultimate recharge.

This glimpse back into my familiar every-day was all I needed for a renewed sense of hope and positivity. 

I’m hoping this positive energy will spread, and get you thinking about life after quarantine. Routine things, like going to the J, will happen again. 

Let’s all start getting ready! Like my visit with my family, your first time back will be different than your last visit. But we will all work together to make it feel “like old times.” 

My team and I have been focused on planning for our physical doors to open. We  shared some FAQs on our website –which gave me a similar sense of excitement, like seeing friends in person. 

This week, we are taking it one step further: As mentioned in our FAQs, when we open we will use a reservation system via the JCC Rockland app so we can follow all social distancing guidelines. 

All virtual classes have been loaded on the class schedule, easily seen on the app’s home screen. Check it out. Get some practice in now, and reserve your spot in a virtual class*.  It may just give you a sense of renewed energy too!

*Note: At this time reserving virtual classes is completely optional. This is just to give you a chance to practice using the system.