Pilates, Mindful Movement for Peace of Mind

I must be right. Never an aspirin. Never injured a day in my life. The whole country, the whole world, should be doing my exercises. They’d be happier.
– Joseph Hubertus Pilates, in 1965, age 86.

Core strength and torso stability, along with the six Pilates principles- centering, control, flow, breath, precision and concentration, set the Pilates method apart from many other types of exercise. All exercises are developed with modifications that can make a workout safe and challenging for a person at any level.

Evidence has shown Pilates to decrease back pain, improve posture, improve coordination, balance, energize individuals and improve performance in sports related activities.

Benefits of Pilates training:
  • Create Body Awareness: Attention is required when you are asked to pull your stomach in and bring your shoulders down. Pilates helps you to be aware of how you sit, how you move, and how you relate to those aches and pains.
  • Develops a Strong Core: The core muscles are the deep, internal muscles of the abdomen and back. When the core muscles are strong and doing their job,–as they are trained to do in Pilates, they work in tandem with the more superficial muscles of the trunk to support the entire body.
  • A body free from nervous tension and fatigue is the ideal shelter for housing a well balance mind
    – Joseph Pilates
    Relief Stress Tension in your body Pilates makes you feel energized. If you enjoy your workout and stay focused you will feel happy and calm at the end of day.
  • Control your Emotions: Our emotions and breathing are closely connected. Breath is one of the six fundamental Pilates principles. The techniques taught in Pilates can be used in life situations to calm your mind and get you through a stressful situation.
  • Safe and Quick Workout: listen to your body rather than ignore it…The Cardinal Rule in Pilates is “If it hurts, don’t do it!”  Pilates emphasizes 3-5 repetitions for each exercise. At an advanced level you move from one exercise to another without stopping, for a complete and rigorous workout in only 30 minutes.
  • Improve athletic performance: Pilates is so effective for improving athletic performance that elite athletes are now including it as part of their conditioning programs.

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