Opening JCC Rockland’s Fitness and Wellness Center

Opening JCC Rockland’s Fitness and Wellness Center

Because your safety is our top priority, we are using a reservation system to ensure we can adhere to all social distance requirements-so you can safely and confidently enjoy what we call social fitness at the J.

You can access the reservation from the JCC Rockland App. Here’s how to book your workout in the Fitness Center:

  1. Open the JCC Rockland App on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Click on Fitness Center Reservations.
  3. Select the day any time of of your workout.
  4. Select Book.
  5. Touch the blue bar to confirm.

You are all set! For more information about what to expect when you arrive, or tips on downloading the app, see the Fitness FAQs below.

We can’t wait to see you!


We are diligently planning the process of reopening the Fitness and Wellness Center as soon as it is safe. 

We will adhere to guidelines from the CDC as well as federal, state, and local authorities.  It is paramount that we keep our members and staff safe and protected while they are at the J. Our plan is to open in phases, and  gradually evolve to our new normal. 

The FAQs below pertain to our “Phase 1.” Think of “Phase 1” as our Soft Opening. This will be new territory for all of us. We want to make sure we have the perfect balance between safety and meeting your fitness needs appropriately. 

This situation is very fluid. We will be reviewing guidelines regularly to make sure we comply with the most current recommendations set forth by federal, state, and local authorities. We will communicate all operational changes (including when we can safely advance to our Phase 2)  through email, this web page, and social media. 

We will continue providing virtual resources for our members who are still sheltering at home.

The information below is contingent upon NY State and CDC guidelines. Please check back often for updated information. 

Will you screen people as they enter the JCC?

Yes. Upon entry, we will conduct a brief screening, asking if you have had a fever of 100.4 F or been exposed to COVID-19 within the last 14 days. All staff and members will have their temperature checked upon entering the facility.

Will you require masks and gloves?

We will defer to recommendations from the CDC, as well as federal, state, and local authorities to determine whether members and staff  will be required to wear gloves and masks. 

How will you allow for social distancing?

In following current recommendations, members and staff must maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance. We understand that part of the JCC experience is to be social, so social distancing will be challenging. We like to think of this  as “social fitness.”

To help achieve maximum safety, we will be introducing a scheduling system, where members can schedule visits to the J. This will be available through the JCC Rockland App. Download the app to your smartphone or tablet, directly from your app store.  There will be designated timeblocks throughout our hours of operation. 

We have installed plexiglass on our main reception reception desk, and moved the fitness reception desk into the hallway.  This will help provide distance during the check-in process. 

To create a safer environment, many interactions  are touchless, including the main door, scanning, and program registration. Reception staff will provide signatures when needed for payment, and members will also have the option to register for programs online. 

Will there be group exercise classes?

It is likely that when we first open, we will not hold group exercise classes. However, classes will continue virtually. 

Current recommendations do not allow for gatherings of more than 10 people indoors. This, in addition to social distancing, makes group exercise a challenge. We are looking for creative solutions to make this possible while adhering to all safety guidelines. For example: Holding classes outside, running the same class multiple times (with cleaning in between) to allow for safer and broader participation.   

How will I workout in the  Fitness Center?

We are excited to have you back in our Fitness Center. Here is what our initial plans are:

  • We will limit the number of people in the Fitness Center at one time. Those who use our scheduling system (see above), will be guaranteed entry for specific reserved times. Walk-ins will be allowed entry depending upon the total number of members already at the J.
  • Every other cardio machine will be available. 
  • There will be time limits on equipment when others are waiting.
  • Certain strength machines may not be available.  
  • We will have limited quantities of small equipment like balls and dumbbells. Stretch mats, yoga blocks, foam rollers, and bands will not be available. You are welcome to bring your own stretch mat, for example.  

In terms of amenities, our chief concern is keeping you safe. To this end, please note the following:

  • Water fountains will be turned on, but only the bottle-fill feature will be available. Please bring your own bottle. 
  • We will not offer towel service. Please bring your own towel. 
  • Locker rooms will be open, but the steam, sauna, and showers will be closed. 
  • To account for social distancing, we will limit the number of lockers available. Please consider leaving bags, coats, etc. in your car. 

Can I use the gymnasium and racquetball court?

During Phase 1, both of these spaces will be closed.

What is your cleaning schedule, and how are you disinfecting everything in the Fitness Center?

We are in the process of developing a comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting  protocol that will use CDC/EPA-approved cleansers and follow best practices.  

Our Clean Team will be wiping down, sanitizing, etc., our spaces and equipment throughout our hours of operation. 

For your safety,  deep disinfecting will be done when we are closed, and there is a substantial period of time (ie overnight) where nothing is touched after being cleaned. 

During the time we were closed, we secured an ample supply of cleaning materials, gym wipes, hand sanitizer, and soap. 

What are your hours?

We are in the process of determining our hours, which we will be able to implement when the state declares it safe. Our goal is to find the right balance between safety and accommodating our members’ needs. We may also close for smaller blocks of time during the day to allow for  cleaning. 

When will my membership resume and what do I need to do?

As soon as the stay-at-home order is lifted and we can safely open, we will alert you via email of our reopening plans.  Your membership will automatically be reactivated unless you request the freeze to be extended.

What if I am not ready to come back? 

We want you to come back to the JCC when you feel comfortable.  Once the JCC announces the reopening, if you feel you need more time “off the grid” just let us know.  Our membership team will be happy to help you.

Will you still offer virtual classes and programming? Is there a fee?

Yes! Virtual fitness is here to stay!  We love how well-received our virtual classes have been and will continue to provide a variety of classes and workouts that you can do at home.  At some point we will make these a benefit of membership, but this has not been decided yet. 

I don’t remember how to use the equipment. Can someone help me?

Of course!  Our fitness team is always happy to give a refresher session or two.  Just let us know that you’d like a reboot.

Can I speak with someone about resuming my membership? I have additional questions. 

Yes. Our Membership Team is available to answer all your questions and assist with whatever  you need.