JCC Pickleball Rotation Etiquette

Paddles are placed in a single line and a “Next” indicator is used to identity the upcoming players.
People play in the exact order in which the paddles were placed in the line.

  • Games are 11 points, win by 2, each game determines Winners and Runner Ups
  • Paddles are always added farthest away from the “Next” selector in the following sequence Winners (W), Runner Ups (RU), Arriving Players (AP)
  • For safety, it is encouraged to yell “Ball on Court” when a stray ball enters another court
At no time should any player move another person’s paddle unless it is to help in the process of moving all the paddles (in original order) closer to the “Next” indicator

When 1-4 players are waiting

  • Winners may remain on the court
  • No Stacking allowed

When more than 4 players are waiting begin 4 on/off

All paddles are added to the end farthest away from the “Next” indicator. The first four paddles closest to the Next indicator get the available court.

  • When more than 8 players are waiting all games should be played to 9 points, win by 1
  • Stacking is allowed

If there are less than 4 paddles in front of a stack of paddles it is up to the stacked players to either break up or allow other players to jump ahead.

As a courtesy to all players if there are not enough players of similar skills please volunteer to jump in with the other players or stacking should stop.


To address the various skill levels of all the players a process that involves stacking is used. This allows groups of people with similar skills to play together while still allowing rotation amongst all players.

Paddles should be “stacked” together using an elastic band.

To ensure this is fair and not used to “jump ahead”: People who want to play together stack their paddles together with the player’s paddle that is farthest from the Next indicator


  • If player A agrees to play with player B (whose paddle is in line behind player A’s paddle) player A must move their own paddle and place it with player B’s paddle.
  • If four players choose to play a game together, all four players will place their paddles with the paddle belonging to the player of the group that is farthest from the Next indicator.
    ** When the group of four finishes their game please do not stack the same four paddles at the end of the line, player rotation is key for open play.

JCC Equipment

  • The Fitness Center has a few donated paddles for players to borrow during open court time only.
  • All players are expected to contribute to the purchase of pickleballs, the Fitness Center will provide these balls for open court time use only.
  • Players must return these items when they are finished playing.