Open Court Rules and Etiquette of Pickleball at JCC Rockland

Pickleball is entirely open court and operates on a first come, first served basis.

Courts on the LEFT side of the gymnasium are for advanced play, while the courts on the RIGHT side are for beginner/intermediate play. Incoming players may choose whichever side they feel is appropriate for their level of play.

2 bins will be courtside on both sides of the gymnasium. If games have already begun, players will add their paddle to the bin without the ball in it.

When there are 4 or more players waiting, all 4 active players will come off when their match is over. Players from the winning team will add their paddles to Bin 1 and the losing team will add their paddles to Bin 2.

When a court becomes available, the leftmost 4 paddles in the bin with the ball are next. The ball then switches to the other bin.

If there are less than 4 players waiting, the winning team stays on for a second game and 2 other players are brought on.

Games may be played to 9 points (win by 1) when things are busy to increase turnover.

Pickleball Equipment:

The Fitness Center will provide paddles and balls to be used during Pickleball open court time only. Players should return these items when they are finished playing.

Pickleball Safety:
  1. Stay hydrated! Bring a bottle of water with you.
  2. Come prepared with proper footwear.
  3. Stretch before and after you play.
  4. If you hit a ball onto the other court, call out to the players on that court. Do not run onto another court unannounced.
  5. Never dive in order to hit a ball.
  6. If someone falls or gets injured, all play stops until their needs are addressed.