personal nutrition

Personal Nutrition with Jenn Lowenfish

Good nutrition is the foundation for wellness. Learn what works best for your lifestyle. A holistic approach to nutrition looks at many factors, not just calories, carbs, proteins & fats. Nutritional counseling is individualized and tailored to the specific needs and goals of each person, intended to develop a positive relationship with food and learn how to live without feeling deprived.

You can arrange a complimentary, 20-minute session with Jenn to learn how she can help you meet your goals. This session can take place during Jenn’s office hours at the JCC, Thursdays, from 10am to noon, or via phone.

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Rates and Packages

Initial Package of 3 sessions

One-hour getting started session
Two 45-minute follow-up sessions
Sessions include:

  • Supermarket shopping list
  • Personalized menus
  • Planning/shopping/preparation tips, recipes & other specifics relating to the individuals dietary needs & goals

FEE: $195

Monthly Package

Four 30-minute sessions (1 per week)

  • Specific weekly goal setting
  • Additional menus, recipes, shopping & meal planning, tips on time management
  • Specific topics relevant to individual such as: action plans for dining out or traveling, how to eat on the run, planning a low sugar lifestyle
  • Help with specific diets as needed, including: gluten free, anti-inflammatory, anti-candida, low sugar for people with metabolic syndrome or pre-diabetes, and elimination diets as they relate to food sensitivities
    FEE: $250