National Fall off the Wagon Day is February 9, don’t let this happen to you

The hardest part of any fitness regime is getting started and developing a routine that works for you. Every January we make resolutions with the best intentions. If we don’t see immediate results we often give up and revert to our old ways, but we don’t have to. Outside forces can also alter our intended course like winter storms or a cold or flu.

There are many ways to stay on track and gain the health, wellness, strength and the overall great feeling that you set out to achieve. Here are 4 simple strategies to maintain your momentum.

  1. Set consistent days & times to exercise.
    Calendar your fitness regime like you would a doctor appointment or haircut, don’t try to wing it. Now that you have a written course of action, don’t talk to yourself about it, just do it. That little voice in your head can be your enemy.
  2. Working out with friends works!
    Exercising with friends is a great way to maintain your momentum and creates accountability. Guests are always welcome at JCC Rockland*, if your guest joins you will get a free month and 1250 rewards points. You will also find you will make new gym-friends that will motivate you and keep you on-track.
  3. Do something, anything!
    Things happen, you have to work late, school has a snow day, you can still do something. Take a walk, stretch, take soup cans to use as weights and do some bicep & tricep work, jump rope, be creative but MOVE. If you miss a day, don’t berate yourself or throw up your arms in defeat, get right back to it at your next scheduled time.
  4. Need help?
    We are here to help, and would be happy to schedule time for you to meet with one of our fitness managers to get you on the right path. We are here to support you along the way.

Let February 9th pass as just another day, don’t fall off the wagon, persevere, you will be happy you did.

*Restrictions apply.