My Yoga Journey

Like so many of us, I experienced a difficult personal incident that made me feel overwhelmed with anxiety. This situation brought up feelings of despair, anger and fear. I was at a crossroads and realized I had to do something to help myself get through it. I set out to join a gym and began to discover yoga–it became a part of my healing. It was challenging at first, I wasn’t very flexible and didn’t know many of the exercises, but I kept at it and gradually became stronger and more comfortable with the poses.

Eve FoxI began to understand the mind and body connection, and the breathing! I looked forward to the meditation at the beginning of class along with the deep relaxation at the end of class that helped me to connect with my inner self.

Then one day, I had an epiphany and began to research the philosophy and history of yoga. I found myself more and more drawn to the practice and that’s when I knew I wanted to share this with others. I set out to make things right and registered with Juluka Yoga Studio in their yoga teacher training and became RYT Yoga certified.

Through several months of training, I began to discover the other aspects of yoga and continued to practice daily by attending classes regularly and incorporating some of those practices in my yoga repertoire. Now, a year later, I am delighted to say that I am still learning, and that I have been offered the opportunity to join the JCC instructor team and lead Hatha Flow 101 on Tuesday nights at 6:30pm.

So, if you are wondering what’s next? Where do I start? Well, join me! Hatha Flow 101 is a welcoming, non-judgmental atmosphere in which to learn the basics of yoga poses (asana) and where those with some experience can explore and expand their yoga practice. I focus on the whole person and on increasing your life force (prana). Participants will learn the basics of meditation, breath control (pranayama), and yoga philosophy.

Props, such as blocks, blankets, bolsters, and straps, are available to facilitate movement, release tension and help increase flexibility. The use of the wall is also a great prop that I like to incorporate into the class because it really helps students feel their way into a fuller extension of the pose. It’s a beautiful studio with an ambiance that immediately changes one’s mindset from thinking: What must I accomplish next? To: How can I nurture this body and be more present in my life?

These days when I am looking for a way to ease my anxiety I look to yoga. Whether it be the yoga poses, breath control, meditation, or listening to mantra chanting, I now have the resources to bring it back to what’s really important and I look forward to sharing this with all of you!


Eve teaches Hatha Flow 101 on Tuesdays at 6:30pm.