My Balanced Diet of Exercise

My Balanced Diet of Exercise

My advice this week – Step outside your comfort zone. Challenge your body to something new. There’s enough variety on the group exercise schedule and in the fitness center. You might just surprise yourself.

I knew I needed to shake up my routine – I was getting too comfortable. A few months ago, I took a risk and tried a yoga class. I couldn’t believe how it challenged my body in a different way. I also recently tried postural Pilates and have even experimented with Jacob’s Ladder. All things new to me. All things I will try again. All things that I can now incorporate into my routine of exercise.

As my body has changed so too has my body awareness. What I can do and what I should do are two different things. A 45 minute class with 5 pound weights provides me with as much result as a 30 minute personal training session with heavier weights. My focus is not on proving I can lift heavier weight, but on making sure my form is correct so my effort is maximized.

What I want to do and what I need to do are also two different things. Knowing what I need often requires stepping outside my comfort zone. It’s easy to wake up every morning and go to the same class week in week out, but just like we get used to it, our bodies get used to the routine as well.

The types of classes I try and the modalities of exercise I engage in are sometimes seemingly in contrast to one another. Throughout Wednesday night’s HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class I couldn’t stop thinking about going to yoga on Thursday morning. The striking difference between the two classes struck me as odd – the high intensity, heart pumping, sweat inducing HIIT as opposed to the calm, slower paced rhythm of classical yoga. I love them both and they are both integral parts of my exercise regime. It got me thinking – I practice a balanced diet of exercise. I challenge you to serve yourselves a balanced diet of exercise as well.