Michael DiSimone

 Achieving my fitness goals…

Michael DiSimone I lost over 100 lbs.15 years ago, and have maintained a healthy weight, but never focused on strength training. I became too skinny and had absolutely no definition or muscle on my frame. I didn’t like the way my clothes just hung on me. Therefore, I wanted to get into better shape, gain some muscle mass and some definition, especially in my chest and shoulders so I didn’t look so narrow in a shirt. Additionally, I started to develop back issues and was told that strengthening my core would help.

By working with my trainer, Andrew Greenberg, and following his program, I have been able to add several inches to my body in the right places, and I am definitely the strongest I have ever been. I was not able to do a dip or bench even half my body weight. Now I dip my weight plus some, and getting close to benching my full body weight. More important that the weight I can lift, is that my posture has improved and my core is stronger. I see more physical definition in my body – I look better in my clothes and feel better about myself.

I tried weight training several times in last 15 years, but I did not have a trainer like Andrew to push me. He creates programs that work for me and challenge me each session. I look forward to training with him. He is excellent at what he does and has a great personality. Easy to work with, but more importantly he is really good at what he does. He knows his stuff!

Not only do I love my training at JCC Rockland, I love the staff – they are the best part. They are all friendly and helpful and I feel very welcome every time I am there. I would absolutely recommend a membership at JCC Rockland. Not only is it a great value given the variety of equipment and group class offerings, but the staff is very knowledgeable and the environment is not intimidating. I achieved my goals here and I know you can as well!

The Facts
 fun fact

I used to be over 250 lbs.
I love classic muscle cars.