Infant/Toddler Teachers and Assistants

​​Infant/Toddler Teachers and Assistants

* * Full and Part Time Positions Available

The Infant/Toddler teacher will develop a program along established guidelines and provide a safe, nurturing, positive classroom environment. The lead teacher works with the assistant teacher as a team to implement daily teaching and learning activities. Expectations of Infant/Toddler teachers are to be kind, professional, helpful, self-starters, and creative. Infant/Toddler teachers will design plans to meet the individual needs of each child in order to reach his/her maximum potential. Additionally, Infant/Toddler teachers need to adapt easily and be sensitive to the needs of the families, while meeting the constantly changing needs of the infants.

Specific responsibilities include:

Curriculum and Instruction
  • Plan both long and short range activities in accordance with curriculum objectives, developmentally appropriate practice and program philosophy
  • Maintain a positive physical and emotional educational environment
  • Ensure children are supervised at all times
  • Interact verbally and nonverbally with children during the day, participating in on the floor stimulation and activity
  • Create detailed lesson plans according to established curriculum and weekly calendars
  • Collect and maintain updated information in children’s files and submit to office at the end of the school year
  • Incorporate activities and educate meaningfully about Jewish tradition, culture, values and Israel. Knowledge of Hebrew and Jewish culture or willingness to learn a plus.
  • Use assessments to support children’s learning, via a variety of methods such as observations, class notations, checklists, and rating scales
  • Observe children’s strengths and weaknesses to inform instruction
  • Share assessment results with families
  • Maintain written records of child progress, observation, and assessment
Relationship between Teachers and Children
  • Foster children’s emotional well-being through positive social conversations, eye contact, tone of voice, and smiles
  • Treat all children with equal respect and consideration
  • Never use physical punishment, verbal abuse, threats, or derogatory remarks, nor withhold /force food as a form of discipline
  • Consider attention span and age and redirection to avoid developmentally inappropriate behavior
  • Help children develop a feeling of self worth
  • Focus on positive behavior, not unacceptable behavior
  • Communicate regularly with parents, scheduling conferences and maintain records of all communications
  • Facilitate smooth transition for children from home to school
  • Engage with families to learn about children’s needs and interests
  • Incorporate each family’s culture and tradition respectfully
  • Health and Safety
  • SAFETY is a prime requisite at all times- attending to this goal requires vigilant, direct visual/verbal supervision
  • Check see that food items are clearly marked with child’s name
  • Complete pediatric first aid and CPR certification training
  • Keep hot foods and liquids out of children’s reach. Personal hot drinks must have lids
  • Follow recommended practices regarding hand washing, as posted in classroom
  • Follow recommended practices regarding frequency of cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces
  • Provide rest periods for children
  • Become familiar with emergency exit procedures as well as security procedures
  • Classroom and Learning Environment
  • Arrive at school 30 minutes before beginning of shift and depart 30 minutes after ending of shift, when room is restored to order
  • Set up and follow a consistent daily routine and post routine in room
  • Write daily communication to be sent home either in written form or through class blog/website
  • Professional Commitment
  • Attend scheduled meetings and events as required
  • Submit personal health forms, as well as other requested paperwork
  • Keep personal items such as purses, tote bags, cell phones inaccessible to children at all times
  • Maintain a level of professionalism by keeping any and all information about the school, staff, and children strictly confidential. Confidential information should not be shared with any parent, outsider, or staff member, other than the director. Information should never be shared at social gathering, public place or through electronic media
  • Job Requirements:

    A minimum of a BA in Early Childhood or a related field, and 3 years experience is preferred for this position. Ability to sit on the floor, bend and lift up to 30 lbs. Flexibility a must. Salary and benefits are commensurate with experience and education.


    Please send resume, cover letter and 3 references to Miriam Pedler, EC Director at