I Miss You!

I don’t have a desk job.  While I do have a desk,  and I do use it, my job is people focused.  All day I interact with you, our members.  I am happy to handle your JCC business but what I love most is discussing your fitness. What classes do you love? What new exercises are you incorporating? How are you changing things up? I also love hearing about your families, books you are reading, what movie you saw last weekend, where your next adventure is taking you, and on and on. 

I miss you!

We are social beings, we need human interaction.  Quarantine and isolation are not natural for us. 

I have found that starting my day with Kat Colucci’s 10 minute daily workout  (password 911) gets me moving, provides accountability, and helps me feel connected to others. Kat does her workout on Zoom which allows everyone attending to see each other, say hi, and have a minute of normal interaction prior to or after class.  You will see familiar JCC faces and also meet new friends.

The JCC Rockland virtual classes have been nothing short of amazing.  I don’t know what I would do without them.  You can find them on our website and on our JCC Rockland At Home Workouts Facebook page. (You do not need to be a Facebook member to access .) 

Immediately following Kat’s 10 minute routine, while I’m all warmed up and raring to go, I click over to the JCC At Home Workout Facebook page where I have already selected and queued up a workout for the day.  There are opportunities to do “LIVE” workouts so that you can interact and feel part of the group or you can use them “ON DEMAND” to fit your schedule.  Many of your favorite instructors are here.

A bonus for me is that my work schedule has conflicted with many of the workouts I have wanted to try, I’m like a kid in a candy store sampling them all now!  

In the afternoon, if weather permits, I go outside for a walk to clear my head and enjoy the beauty of the day.  If inclement, you guessed it, I pull up another JCC At Home Workout Facebook page and get moving.

I love seeing how many of you are staying connected through the JCC At Home Facebook page. Please know that your JCC Family misses you and can’t wait to see you back at the J when it is safe for us to return.  Until then stay healthy, stay safe  and keep moving with virtual JCC Rockland!