How to See JCC Fitness Classes On My TV: Video Casting 101

I love the variety of fitness classes offered on the JCC Rockland App. I especially enjoy seeing my favorite JCC instructors, although I have “met” some others l like too. (Sam Mason’s Pilates is particularly energizing!)

Sometimes I browse the categories to see what I am in the mood for. Other days I search for one of my “go to’s” like one of Sarah’s or Diva’s classes. I really love having this at my fingertips, especially when the weather is bad.

There is just one tiny (literally….) problem with these classes…. They are ONLY available via the JCC Rockland App, and my tiny telephone screen just doesn’t work for me and I don’t have a tablet.

HELP! I need to see Theresa, Stephanie, Dana, and the rest—How can they possibly be only on my phone!?!

There had to be another way…..

I turned to Google (what else) and the results said I could “cast” my virtual classes to my TV.

Huh? I’ve heard of a cast to set a broken bone, but not to magically send my JCC classes from my phone to my TV.

This made no sense.

I decided to go to the real experts, my children. They told me to think of “casting” as being synonymous with the word “projecting.”

OK, now this makes sense.

They told me I have a few options to get the videos from my phone to appear on my TV.

Option #1
If my phone is fairly new and I have a smart TV, I can project the image like this: Start a fitness class, and simply touch the image on the phone’s top right. Select your TV from the menu.

No luck here. I have an older Iphone and a not-so-smart TV.

Option #2
I could turn my not-so-smart TV into a smart TV by hooking up a casting device like an Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, etc. Then follow the prompts for the particular device.

This worked like a charm, and I was thrilled!

This process took more mental energy than I bargained for–but was well-worth it in the end.

Here’s my advice to you when doing this at home:

It is important to remember that there is no one answer. Each generation of phone, smart TV and casting device is different. Different phones and casting devices interact differently with different TVs. As a quick example, my “older” iphone cannot cast to my “older” smart TV at home but can easily cast to the newer TVs at the JCC, which have third party devices.

It’s confusing, I know. The good news is, once you get it set up, you are good to go. It’s worth the small investment of effort, and maybe a few dollars. You will now be able to cast anything from your phone to your TV – JCC videos, YouTube videos, photos, games, etc.

As we head into winter, it is more important than ever to stay connected with one another and with the JCC. Whether you are staying in the area or snowbirding elsewhere, the JCC Rockland app creates a bridge to keep us all connected, healthier and stronger.

Here are some other helpful tips for getting your JCC Fitness Classes to appear on your TV:

  1. Use an HDMI or another adapter cable. This is basically plug and play.  Plug one side into your phone, the other into your TV, select the correct “source” on your TV,  done.
  2. Your phone may also have a “Mirror Screen” option on your quick menu.  If so, see if your phone detects your TV (mine does not) if so, select it and BOOM connected.

Below is a list of helpful videos and articles detailing how to cast to different types of Smart TVs from different devices. If you have any specific questions about mirroring to your TV, please contact Mark Robertson, or contact our Help Desk at 845.362.4400, ext. 113.