Help Your Teen Flourish

Dear Parent of a Teenager,

Thanks for all you do to invest in the life of your child. I know at this point in the school year, you probably feel like a professional Uber driver – ready to pick them up and drop them off whenever they call. Or perhaps you feel like a coach or guidance counselor, preparing them for their future and helping them navigate priorities.

That’s why, with all the insane busyness of parenting a teen, it’s easy to avoid getting them into another commitment. Trust me, I understand the pressure to measure every activity through the lens of “what matters most”.

So, below are my 5 short, yet powerful, reasons why your teen NEEDS to get involved at the JCC. Any questions, give me a holler.

Play on,

1. Teens Need Community

In an age of gossip and hatefulness, young people need other young people who can lift them up, encourage them and challenge them in all the right ways.
BBYO is the newest, pluralistic teen movement in Rockland, aspiring to involve more Jewish teens in more meaningful Jewish experiences.

2. Teens Need To Learn How To Lead & Make Decisions

With college right around the corner, Teens need the proper experience to prepare them for the future. Our Teen Leadership Initiative is an elite philanthropic program for 9-10 graders.
In TLI, our teens learn how to impact their community through grant making and community activism. Applications are now open!

3. Teens Need A Mission

Our Junior Leadership council exposes teens in grades 11-12 to the importance of social action. The JLC meets a few times a year, organizing events throughout the county including food drives, fitness fundraisers, and other service projects. Service hours are provided for participation.

4. Teens Need Positive Disposition

Working out at the J provides more than just physical fitness. Training sessions will improve your teen’s disposition by releasing endorphins, increase self-esteem and mitigate problems with depression.
Have your teen do their body a favor and hit the gym this winter!
teen fitness offerings

5. Teens Need Valuable Work Experience

Students who work during their high school years are able to demonstrate great experience, work ethic, and build valuable entries on their resume.
JCC Rockland employs many teens to work for our summer camps, after school programs, and special events. Contact Brent for a job application.