Getting the Hang of this COVID World: Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Last time I wrote to you, I told you I missed you. Trust me, I still do.

But this week I am reaching to tell you I am proud of you.

You are figuring it out, and making it work. You are not just surviving–you are thriving in this COVID world, dependent on virtual connections.

I have worked in the fitness industry for about 25 years. I have a degree in English literature (journalism concentration), a degree in exercise science, and several fitness certifications. I worked for newspapers, wire services, other Js, corporate fitness, and gritty old-school gyms. I’ve seen a lot.

On September 11, 2001, I was the Fitness Coordinator at JCC MetroWest, located in a nearby suburb of NYC. That community was rocked with tragedy. But we still had the J as a place to come together as a community and heal. Fitness classes were more subdued, treadmill walkers were glued to the news; children still went to the nursery school, and senior programs were in full effect. The community was able to come together for vigils, community gatherings, etc.

Today is different. I have never seen anything like this. This silent monster is keeping us apart…..yet still connected, just virtually.

This is why I am so proud of our members and our J community. You have stepped outside of your comfort zone to find the J online, on our app, and on Facebook. You have learned to use Zoom, you have become Facebook pros –and now know that you do not need a facebook account to use it!

You have downloaded the JCC Rockland App, and are getting your daily workouts, and featured programs. In the face of everything that is going on, you are keeping active. Kudos to you!

You are finding a way to exercise in your homes, and make it work! I truly believe physical health and staying active drives mental health and positive outlook. It’s a great sense of feel-goodness. (Can I get an amen?)

There are two other special groups I am super proud of, that I must publicly praise:

The JCC Fitness Leadership Team of Diva Pavan, Group Fitness Manager, Kat Colucci, Fitness Program Director, and Jodi Erdman, Membership Director. They have done a yeoman’s job in bringing you virtual fitness, and making sure you are connected and know that you are cared for. They have gotten classes up and running and created workouts for you. They became experts in this technology, practically overnight. They have responded to your questions with record speed. All in an effort to keep you going, and give you some positivity. They have gone above and beyond to be here for you. All this while figuring out and adjusting to their own new-normals.

Next, I almost have no words for our amazing group exercise instructors. They became video directors, creative masters, film editors, and internet gurus to bring you their classes from their homes. What I am most impressed with is their energy. When teaching in front of a live class, they feed off of your reactions. Doing it at home, alone, they are somehow summoning the strength and energy to bring you everything in full-force.

Please, when you see them in person when the J opens, thank them. Thank them with all your heart.

I am here for you too. Drop me a note if there is anything I can help with in terms of your motivation to keep on keeping on and staying active, or help navigating our resources. We can connect via phone, Facetime, email, whatever works. JCC Rockland is forever #hereforyou