George Jacobson

 working out saved my life…

George Jacobson On June 29th 2010 I woke up around 4:15 am with a burning feeling in my chest. Thinking it was indigestion, my reaction was to roll over and go back to sleep. Later that morning, my wife spoke with my daughter who was very concerned. She suggested that I call my Dr. and schedule an appointment.

Acting on that recommendation, I scheduled a visit to my doctor. The doctor scheduled a few tests, including an EKG to make sure that my heart was okay.

It wasn’t.

I was having, or just had, a heart attack. Paramedics were called and I was rushed to the Hospital and two stents were placed in my heart. I survived a major heart attack, according to the cardiologist, because the collateral vessels that surround the heart opened up, allowing the blood to make a detour around the clot in my heart. This was, he asserted, directly due to my commitment to exercising. And it was true: for the past 20 years, exercise has been a part of my life. I’m an avid indoor cyclist and attend cycling classes at the JCC on a regular basis.

The cardiologist informed me that despite my heart attack, I was the healthiest patient in the ward.

I went home the next day.

Here at the J, I’ve found what works for me – and that’s cycling. But there is something here for everyone – all ages, all faiths and all fitness levels. And everyone needs to do it … working out saved my life, and it could save yours.

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Tracy (Cycology, Indoor Cycling)

 fun fact

He and his wife have traveled the world. His favorite trip was to a remote village in Zambia where they visited their daughter when she was in the peace corp – they were given the royal treatment.