From Strength to Strength

From Strength to Strength

We’ve had our new line of strength equipment for about 5 weeks. I’ll be honest–these types of machines are not my first exercise of choice. Sure, I think regular strength training is essential for bone and overall health, I just prefer body weight training (like pull-ups and push-ups), and working with free weights and cables.

But the new machines intrigued me – plus I wanted to be as well-versed as possible so I can help teach others, and myself.

As I mentioned in the past, our machines have a companion app (called JCC Rockland, available from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App store). On the app, we set-up a handful of sample workouts. You can find them on the home screen, under suggested programs. I like the one called “Smart Start Rower.” It has a cardio-only option, and a general strength program on the machines. If you are not an “app person,” not to worry. Our staff can help you with this and other sample programs.

Anyway, I’ve been doing this circuit of 9 machines 2-3 times a week -and I have been really enjoying it! I like following the bouncing-ball on the screens that indicates if my range of motion is correct. I find the 20-second videos that remind me how to adjust the seat pads to be helpful.

This workout reminds me of how I use my crockpot: set it and forget. I start this workout, follow-the circuit, and know I am getting what I need.

Using a bench press with free weights is one of regular exercises. I have been doing this for a long time, and I am not always so good about knowing when to advance the exercise with either more weight or more reps. It just doesn’t occur to me.

Out of curiousity, I tried the “1-Rep Maximum Test” on the chest press. It took me through a series of 10-repetitions at suggested weights. I did this until it suggested my estimated maximum amount that I could press one time. I was surprised by how exhausting this was–and the great sense of accomplishment I felt when I was done. I would have never have tried something like this if had I not seen it as an option on the screen.

Machines and sample workouts are great, but they are no substitute for working with one of our personal trainers. They are true experts in creating interesting, dynamic programs.

This is a great time to workout out with a trainer. With the holidays and all of the associated hoopla that comes with every December, it can be a challenge to stay on track with your workouts. This is where having a personal trainer is clutch. And now through Dec. 10, you can save up to $75 on personal training or Pilates packages!

And if you refer a friend who joins by the end of the year, you each get a personal training or Pilates sessions for just $10 – not to mention you’ll both pay $10 dues in January!