From Couch Potatoes to Marathon Runners: There is something for Every Body at the J

“Marge, can you do a tour for me?”

That’s Rob from the JCC’s main reception desk calling, and it’s music to my ears.

Who’s waiting for me? Is it a couch potato or a marathon runner? An avid exerciser or someone just starting? Are they overweight or looking to improve balance?

I can’t wait to see. Whoever it is, I’m excited to show them all the things I love about the fitness and wellness center here at the J. And because I want them to trust me–I also tell them about the things I don’t love… like the cycle classes. I hate them!!

It seems impossible, but I think I have both the hardest and easiest job, at the same time. It just depends on who I’m showing around. When I tour someone whose been working out forever, there is still something I can surprise them with:

“Here’s an elliptical that goes side to side.” “…really?”
“Have you seen Jacob’s Ladder before?” “…who?”

Every visitor is impressed and excited by the interesting equipment we have. Did you know the treadmills have a travel feature that lets you visit Venice, Italy, and Venice Beach, California all during a 20 minute walk?! (This always gets a laugh!)

By the time we get to the group exercise studios, they are beginning to see the light. Zumba, kickboxing, Pound… it never ends.

Newbies are much more challenging. They typically want to get in shape and start living a healthier lifestyle immediately, but not sure where to begin.

“I have to drive here? And I can’t exercise in my pajamas?”

This part of the tour excites me because I get to show them that getting in shape isn’t hard work, it’s fun! They see our group exercise instructors in action, our personal trainers helping others, and members sweating and smiling together. My greatest pleasure is when I see a former couch potato coming in day after day, and loving their time spent here.

I workout everyday at the J, and this doesn’t mean it’s always easy for me to find motivation. But then I remind myself of all of the different things there are to do here, and I get excited all over again!

Mixing up my daily routine really helps me stay on track with regular workouts. If you’re looking to change your routine or try something new, stop in to see me. We can motivate each other!