Fitness 450 Sales Associate


Fitness 450 is seeking a part-time sales person. The successful candidate will be very outgoing, have a passion for fitness, and will create dynamic community outreach activities.


Fifteen hours a week, primarily on Sundays and weekday evenings.


Membership Director

Key Responsibilities:

Increase sales for Fitness 450 by:

  • Attending street fairs, local races, and other community events to help give Fitness 450 a more visible presence in the community.
  • Creating and hosting local special events and promotions for Fitness 450 to help drive traffic.
  • Conducting regular and consistent lead generation and prospecting.
  • Following-up with prospects & former members.

Actively engage current Fitness 450 participants to create a sense of community and encourage referrals.

Work collaboratively with the JCC Membership Director, Fitness Managers, and other JCC Directors and staff.


Jodi Erdman
Membership Director
845.362.4400 ext 188