Fitness 450 is coming to Rockland!

Introducing fitness 450

Fitness 450 logoFitness 450 is the newest 1-hour small group training workout designed to get you results fast with personalized coaching in a private studio setting.

450 workouts use High Intensity Interval training (HIIT), meaning interspersed bouts of very intense exercise (think: you will be out-of-breath, heart pounding) with periods of rest (think: active rest).

To make sure participants are working at their fullest potential, participants’ heart rates will be displayed, and each workout will be led by a Coach, with a maximum of 15 people in each class.

Coming this Fall, a Fitness 450 class schedule will be up and running. Complimentary demos will be offered to JCC Rockland members.

During the summer months, we will complete construction on Studio 450, where the classes will be held.

Go to for more details about the workout. For questions, rates, and schedule, contact or stop by the 450 sales office.

SAVE THE DATE: JCC Rockland is hosting an AMAZING Fitness 450 event with celebrity trainers on Sunday, September 10!