Fall into a New Routine


There are two things that ease the blow of summer ending for my kids: The prospect of new school supplies, and the excitement and anticipation of new teachers and new classes.
My older daughter, Sasha, 12, LOVES creating and decorating her school binders, and getting THE PERFECT folders, notebooks, etc. (Yes, we make lots of trips to Staples.) For my younger daughter, Adena, 8, it’s all about who her teacher is, and which friends are in her class.
This year, as I watch them transition from camp mode to school mode, I am going to follow their lead, and change up my workout routine a bit too. (I may use it as a new excuse to treat myself to new sneakers, you know… supplies.)
I am going to focus more on strength training, and less on cardio. If you read my last blog (My Favorite Workout) you know am starting to move away from training from endurance events, and focus on cardio exercise that will give me the most bang for my cardio buck.
Now I am ready to add more strength training. I had been doing total body strength training (mainly with free weights, and using my own body weight). Going along with my shorter, more intense cardio workouts, I am going to do shorter strength workout that are more intense, and split. Here’s a sample:

  • Sunday – rest
  • Monday – legs and back
  • Tuesday – chest and core
  • Wednesday – arms and shoulders
  • Thursday – legs and back
  • Friday – chest and core
  • Saturday – rest

If you are looking for some ways to change-up your routine, feel free to reach out to me at
Speaking of changing-up your routine, later this month our Fall Group Exercise schedule comes out with some new class times (lunch time and 4:30pm classes) and we are welcoming some new instructors to our team.

I am also excited to welcome nutritionist Jenn Lowenfish to our JCC family. Come meet Jenn on Tuesday, Sep 20, from 9-11am, and Wednesday, Sep 21 from 5-7pm in the fitness center, or schedule an appointment to meet her.