I’m going to wait until September before returning to work and won’t need care, will I lose my spot?
New re-enrollment forms will be sent out soon for September, we’re excited for another year of learning and growing with your family.

I am working from home and don’t need care for my child, but I would love for them to participate in what’s happening in the classroom. Is there a way to stay connected with their friends and teachers?
Yes! We are looking into a Zoom rate for families who would like their child to continue to participate in some classroom activities.

What happens if a child or staff member comes down with a probable or positive case of COVID 19?
We will follow all CDC guidelines and the instructions of our local health department regarding isolation, reporting and closing.

What kind of training will the teachers have prior to re-opening?
Teachers and staff will receive training from our health care consultant regarding best practices to prevent the spread of and identifying symptoms of Covid-19.

Will you be doing temperature checks and health screening of teachers and children?
All staff and children will have a health check including a temperature check upon arrival each morning. Children will have their temperature checked again during the day.

How will young children be able adhere to social distancing guidelines?
The CDC guidelines recommend smaller group size and fewer people in each classroom. Teachers will be adapting the classroom to allow for more space between children, and personalizing items that cannot be disinfected, such as art supplies, dress up and sensory items.

How will children be grouped?
We’ll be taking the needs of the children into consideration when grouping the children, so that we can minimize transition, and make sure they’re excited about returning! We will be adhering to the guidelines from the CDC which recommends that children remain in small age level groups that do not mix with others.

Young children put toys in their mouths all the time. How will this be handled?
Any item that is put in a child’s mouth will immediately be cleaned, sanitized and disinfected.

What happens if my child needs consoling?
Our educators are child care professionals and caring is a job requirement! We are providing our staff with two scrubs type shirts that will be laundered daily so they can get physically close to a child when necessary, and change as needed.

If the JCC is required to close again, what will happen with tuition?
In the event of any future closings due to covid 19, we will make a determination on any tuition updates at that time.

Will the staff wear masks?
New York State requires that staff wear masks at all times when interacting with children.

Will my child be learning?
The Deborah Koenig Early Childhood Center has always recognized the importance of learning through play, and the teachers are looking forward to creating meaningful learning opportunities for your children!