Creature of Habit No More

The fitness center is open 106 hours a week.
90 group exercise classes are offered weekly.
Including the main fitness center, there are 8, unique fitness spaces.
We have 17 treadmills.
There are 6 different types of ellipticals.

I could go on – but I think you get the point: We have a lot to offer!

Even though we have an awesome variety of exercise modes, let me ask you a question: Do you always go to the same classes? Always ride “your bike?”

For me, it’s the stair climber closest to the wall, or the Jacob’s Ladder closest to the foam roller rack, or the middle Expresso bike. I’m totally guilty of sticking with what I am comfortable with and ignoring everything else.

Why? I have no idea.

But, I know there’s lots of scientific research behind the benefits of changing up your workouts not only to prevent boredom, but to also prevent injury. When the seasons change, it is a great reminder to mix things up in the gym.

For me, September signifies new beginnings: It’s the Jewish New Year, time for sweater weather, and of course a new school year. It’s a particularly exciting time in my house–my older daughter, Sasha, begins high school. Talk about changes. Yikes!

This September, I am challenging myself to really open my eyes and try something new. (Not just another stair climber.) Starting on Fridays at 10am, you will find me in Barrie’s Tai Chi class in the Mind Body Studio. Admittedly, I do not spend much time in this space, and I have never tried Tai Chi. I’ve always known there are tons of benefits – including flexibility and balance. Everyone from pro athletes, to celebrities practice Tai Chi. Why can’t I? It’s right here for the taking!

I challenge you to try something new as well–whether it’s a new strength routine, different class, or new form of cardio. Mix it up – your body will thank you! Need help? Feel free to contact me at, or pop in my office. I’m happy to help create a new plan for you.

Sometimes it’s easier to start something new with a familiar face. September is “Buddy Month” at the JCC. Feel free to bring a friend in with you to workout. As an added bonus, when your friend joins by the end of the month, you both get 50% off fitness membership dues through the end of the year*! See Marjorie or Jodi to get a pass for your pals.

*Certain restrictions may apply.