COVID Chronicles: Long Graying Hair, Don’t Care

So here we are together, yet apart.

Without realizing it, we have all become experts at quarantining. We’ve celebrated holidays, birthdays, happy hours, etc. Some, like my husband Ed, even learned to cut his own hair. My hair, on the other hand, is a different story… Sort of a gray-fade-to-black, ‘80s big-hair look at the moment. My daughters think it’s hysterical, and are begging me to buy Clairol and dye it to cover the grays.

Under normal circumstances, I would be mortified. I usually do cover my grays regularly. I started going gray in my 20s, which always bothered me.

But you know what? I don’t care. With everything going on in our community and the world, it really does not matter in the grand scheme of things. Plus, I have no control over my hair right now. And I’m not brave enough to give Ed a shot at my unruly, wavy hair.

I decided to embrace it, at least for now. What if I was just a person who didn’t color her hair? Would my life be any different?

This got me thinking about my own routines and habits. In many of my past blogs I have admitted to being a very regimented person. Even now, I am sticking with my schedule as best as I can. Waking up at my pre-corona time, making workouts a priority, etc.

For the past several years I haven’t really been a “fitness class person.” I prefer to lift heavy weights on my own in the Fitness Center. (Or these days, I’m using my backpack filled with books–see my Leg Day Workout in the video on JCC Rockland At Home Workouts Facebook page). After lifting, I always do 30-minutes of cardio. I put my headphones on, ready to roll. Quick, efficient, and always able to fit it in my schedule. My passion for fitness is my motivation. It’s part of my internal make-up.

But I’d be lying to you if I told you I wasn’t a tinge jealous of watching members leave a class. They seem so happy, accomplished, and relaxed.

I barely know my left from right. How can I take Zumba–I’ll screw-up the class.
I am totally inflexible, so Yoga’s out.
I used to go to Tai Chi, but my work schedule gets in the way.
Many of our mat Pilates classes are very crowded–I wouldn’t dream of taking up a spot.
And so on.

But time and space are a little different these days, in quarantine. Intellectually I know there are still 24-hours in a day, but my days just seem longer. I have no commute. No errands to run. No meetings, dinner plans, or my kids’ extra curricular activities. All very deceptive in making my days seem longer.

I decided this is a gift from ‘rona: Extra time. A booby-prize of sorts, for winning at quarantine.

We have so many classes in our video library, all available on-demand. Why not try something new? Seems to me to be the perfect time to become a Zumba person. Why not treat myself to the grounding Tai Chi gives me, or feel-goodness of Yoga or Pilates?

I am using my extra time to try some new classes, and step outside of my norm. Why not? I have time, and I think this will be a nice way to expand myself. Who knows? The next time you see me, I may be on the mat next to you. If my daughters persuade me enough, I may be the one with the newly blonde hair.