You Can Train Like an Athlete at the JCC

I am an athlete.

I work out–no, I TRAIN–most days of the week, and I get it done. Each time, I psych myself up and power through like a champion. When it’s over, I feel amazing.

True, I don’t wear a jersey, have a multi-million dollar contract, or see fans cheering me on. But in my mind–I am training with an athlete’s mindset.

One thing athletes to, is change-up their workouts for several reasons*, including:
1. Improve coordination by becoming more agile and nimble
2. Break through plateaus to keep your body guessing maintain performance. (Think: avoid boredom.)
3. Reduce the chance for injury by using different motions
4. Value performance–have you been doing the same routine with those weights for longer than 3 months?

With Spring approaching, this is a great time to embrace your inner athlete.

Always use the elliptical? Try the step mill. Always use the seated strength machines? Try free weights. (Feel free to ask one of our trainers for help.) Love kickboxing? Try HIIT. Use free weights? Try body weight exercises like push-ups and assisted pull-ups.

You get the idea. Change it up!

In this spirit, we are making some changes to our group exercise schedule to keep you training like athletes. Here are a few changes to come later in the month–keep your eyes out for additional changes and details:

Sundays, 9:30am, IMX Pilates with Anjali
This Pilates technique uses exhalation breathing to improve posture, as it strengthens and lengthens the spine, and improves core conditioning.

Tuesdays, 8:30am, Cardio Ball with Laura
Spice up your routine with this new stability ball workout. This class will challenge your balance, agility, and movement reaction times.

Tuesday, 9am, Body Drills with Nancy
Fun and challenging routines with varied combinations focusing on a full-body workout. Increase your metabolism, improve lean muscle mass, strength, and performance.

Fridays, 8:30am, Lower Body Drills with Laura
This challenging workout is designed with different combinations that will focus on your lower body and keep your routine fresh.

So get out there, try something new, and train like an athlete!